Behind the Scenes for T3 Magazine Celebrity Feature Shoot

 Ning & I will be in a celebrity feature for Jun 2009 issue of T3 Magazine (gadget/ tech mag) and we squeezed in the photoshoot for the feature on Monday, in between our Singapore River Festival press conference (for “The Impossible Record” and “Ultimate Magic” show.

The team was great and the shots turned out very nicely. Here are some behind the scenes shots of the shoot.

T31One of the first test shots that we tried out. Replicating our 2008 promo photo.

T32The second pose we tried out

T33Magic Babe looking hot & sultry while I try to misdirect the camera.
This is the main shot that will be chosen for our feature.

T34Trying to get the best shot.

T35A second shot will be used and we went with a straight duo shot without any illusions.

T36The last shot was a very fun shot where we wanted to show our fun-loving playful side. This will be the third shot featured in the magazine. Magic Babe stabbing me with her sais!



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4 Responses to Behind the Scenes for T3 Magazine Celebrity Feature Shoot

  1. Ming says:

    I say this on Magic Babe’s blog as well. Simply wicked! The last shot is the best. As the saying goes, “save the best for last”

  2. ZY90 says:

    the pictures all nice sia. i will go buy the magazine when it comes out. can see u both squeeze so many things in a day. conference, photoshoot then magic show. like so much energy u both have. 😀 if me i think i tired liao.

  3. Whodunnit says:

    I bet that the June edition of t3 magazine will sell like hot cakes or maybe curry puffs since we are in Singapore. 😛 I like the one with you misdirecting the camera away from Magic Babe. Very cool looking pose.

  4. Jack says:

    haha.. the last shot is really nice. shows people how work and fun can always be linked. though it really depends on your scope of work.

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