More on “The Impossible Record” for the Singapore River Festival 2009

Response has been tremendous to our announcement of “The Impossible Record”. Thanks so much every one for your comments, emails and text messages! We really appreciate it.

Last year’s “The Impossible Journey” was shown on the news segment of Channel News Asia and we were highlighted in The Straits Times and Lianhe Zaobao today. We also have been picked up by many websites as well.




Our event is being picked up by others as we speak so it is really great that the event is capturing the interest of the public and media. There is a Facebook page for the event so add yourself to it as well as add me too: 

Here are some behind the pics from our press conference yesterday @ The Arts House. Ning and I had the priviledge of being panelists for the media event. It was my second time from last year but Ning did fantastic for her virgin appearance.





More news on “The Impossible Record” to come so please spread the word!


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2 Responses to More on “The Impossible Record” for the Singapore River Festival 2009

  1. Aaron says:

    hmm.. ning did not go for the press conference last year? i thought she did.. maybe i remembered wrongly..

  2. Jack says:

    i’m waiting for you guys to appear on national day some time. haha.. i guess it’s a far-fetched dream, but who knows.. lol..

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