Updates & a Long Day Tomorrow

I missed a couple of days of blogging as we were in Phuket where Ning performed a special version of her “Deadly Sexy Magic” one-gal show. She performed on a private island for the gala dinner of a corporate meeting & team-building trip. The audience went wild over Singapore’s only professional commerical female magician and all-round babe 🙂

The client also shared how they came to know about us. He had seen us in the media throughout last year and was familiar with our “The Impossible Journey” teleportation over the Singapore River. He had also seen Ning many times in magazines and enoyed her videos on our website. His feedback from the show was excellent as guests loved the show and one comment he got was “”Magic Babe’ defines the modern-day female magician in this day and age. Sexy, modern and well-spoken. A true star”. So very true!


We  arrived back in Singapore on Friday and headed straight for a site inspection for an upcoming event. This event will be announced in the 2nd week of the June 2009 and it is going to be another ‘first of its kind’ magic event once again.

Thanks to the team at Red Dot Magic for posting our “Asia Uncut” interview that is up on YouTube. We have received very positive feedback from the appearance and even a booking enquiry from Bangkok.

This weekend, the team has been busy preparing websites, videos and publicity materials for the announcement of a major project that will be made tomorrow. It is going to be a long day. In the early afternoon, Ning & I will be panelists for a press conference held by the Singapore Tourism Board. We are the closing speakers for the event held for local and regioanl media.

Immediately after the press conference, we have to rush over for a photo shoot and interview for T3 magazine. They are doing a celebrity feature on us for the June 2009 issue.

We are expecting a decent turnout for “Ultimate Magic” @ 7.30pm. Mondays do seem like one of the best days among tourists for some reason. The show will finish up by 9.00pm and we will have a quick dinner, whereby we will continue working on making the announcement through our various integrated media channels.

We are officially working with our new publicity team for this project although they have been doing our publicity un-officially since last Apr 2008.

Stay tuned for the announcement to be made around 10pm tomorrow night!


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4 Responses to Updates & a Long Day Tomorrow

  1. winston ong says:

    As far as I’m concerned, Ning is the epitomy of the sexy female magician. 🙂

  2. Frankie says:

    Looks like you are getting busy again! Looking forward to your big announcement.

  3. nelly856a says:

    I will be coming to Ultimate Magic on tues. Hope to cya there!

  4. Aaron says:

    wow, i didn’t know singapore media was that powerful.. even people from abroad see our magazines. that’s so cool!

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