Fresh Look to our Official Website is currently undergoing a bit of sprucing up with our new publicity photos. We are gearing up for the official announcements of several major projects in the upcoming weeks.





We also did a customized version of “Ultimate Magic” yesterday.

As you know, one of our strengths is designing magic and customizing our shows for corporate & special events. Well, we did something on a more personal level. Check out Ning’s blog for details here.


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6 Responses to Fresh Look to our Official Website

  1. Mikey says:

    that new picture on your site looks fresh. I really think that the chainsaw is a nice touch. very industrial feeling from it..

  2. NewToMagic says:

    the chainsaw is cooool! i just went to check magic babe’s section and found a new picture with her with a sword!! that one is even cooler. or to be more precise hot!

  3. ZY90 says:

    Magic babe one is very hot sia! all the pictures very hot. there is even one picture at the bottom row, second from the left showing her laughing, veryy funny. 🙂 haaaa 😀

  4. Jack says:

    great job! nice pictures. i like the video too! it really makes people want to watch ultimate magic!

  5. Aaron says:

    regarding the personalized show, it was really nice! can we approach you guys in the future for things like this too? maybe a birthday surprise instead of a proposal?

  6. BlueTornado says:

    pictures of sword and spikes with Magic Babe in them. 😀 made my day.

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