“Illusions of the Mind” on the Street

In late 2002, I developed a stage show for the event market called “Illusions of the Mind”. It was a full mentalism or psychological illusion show and what made it different was my mix of visual mental magic with traditional mentalism effects. Purists would dub this as a ‘Mental Magic’ show, as opposed to a pure mentalism show.

I felt the mix was very important to hold and capture the audience’s attention. Especially in an event setting in Asia, where not everyone may understand English well. Mentalism is all about communication, especially verbal communication. And, honestly, I have seen quite a number of pure mentalism shows (by well-known mentalists) but felt it was just too dry, at least for me.

Here is the visual created for the show at that time:

Illusions of the Mind

One of the routines I created was an integrated object-moving or psychokinetic routine. I wanted a build up and motivation for the routine and the result is the following routine. In this version, I’m performing on the ‘street’ or rather in the mall which is an atypical setting for this type of routine. We got access to Paragon which is one of Singapore’s most high-end retail malls with many expensive branded stores having their flagship store in the mall. It was only through SPH MBO that we managed to secure this location for the shoot.

Enjoy it on YouTube here or watch it below:


About J C Sum

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4 Responses to “Illusions of the Mind” on the Street

  1. jasmine says:

    Nice. I wonder how many of wine glasses you’ve broken by now? I guess you must be banned from touching all the hotel’s wine glasses! 😛

  2. ilovemagic says:

    You look a little scary in that poster, J C! =p

    I like the routine in that clip. Very nice and with motivation. Weirdly enough i saw most of the others on SPHMBO before, but never this. Some sort of mental magic at work? Anyway, nice video!

  3. cardistry2007 says:

    Woooah! Mentalism. Man, ur making me want to branch out and learn that now. making things break with the mind. just woah..

  4. Amazzo says:

    Mind power! Just like Professor X and Jean. 🙂 Maybe that is your secret.

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