Thanks for the Support for my Illusion Design Packages

Just a quick note to thank all those that ordered the new digital format illusion design packages!

I did not think that orders would pick up that fast off the bat. But, I now firmly believe this format resonates well with magicians and illusionists across the world, based on initial orders.  People can pick and choose the illusions/ genres they are interested in and get them within 24 hours and not pay the full price of the book + shipping.

Packages ordered so far include:

1) Package #1 – Car Appearances

2) Package #2 – Motorcycle Appearances

3) Package #4 – Metamorphosis

4) Package #5- Appearances

5) Package #7 – Box Jumpers

I’m looking for anyone to do a review, so let me know.

Check out the plans here.


About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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2 Responses to Thanks for the Support for my Illusion Design Packages

  1. magicillusions says:

    This is awesome. I have long heard about some of the illusions that you have and wanted to get the plans, but was holding back simply because i was looking for specific plans. Will head over to your website carrying the plan package right now to check it out. I sure am one happy person to know about this!

  2. reality says:

    I read on Magic Cafe that you have some interesting car vanishes, and was just thinking of checking it out. The digital format is really timely, since i’m half way across the world and books are always so heavy that shipping would cost quite a bit!

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