New Digital Format Illusion Design Plans

I have fantastic news for magicians, illusionists and enthusiasts who have been interested in my illusion books but have not yet purchased them!

Over the years, I have received numerous requests to magicians all over the world if I would be willing to sell my illusion books via a digital download format or separately. I have been unwilling for several reasons:

1) I am and still am unwilling to have digital copies of my entire books available, as this just makes piracy and illegal copying too easy. Besides people who are willing to buy a pirated item, there will be many unscrupulous characters who have no qualms selling pirated copies of the books.

2) I felt the intergrity of the books had to be kept preserved as each book represents a collection of work that I created at a particular point in time.

3) I wanted to limit the books exclusively to those that were willing to pay a premium price for original illusion material not available any where else.

Well, after 3 illusion design books including 2nd edition of the first 2 books, I’m pleased to announce that I will be trying someting out for a 3-month trial period.

I am releasing 8 illusion design packages of various illusions from all 3 books in digital format . I have specifically chosen same-genre illusions to be included in each package that contains 2 – 3 designs.


Not all my illusions are being released in this format, so you will have to buy the physical books if you want illusions not included in the packages. In addition, the price varies for different packages and if you intend to buy them all, it will be much more economical to buy the physical books.

However, I understand that there is a demand for offering my illusion designs from the books in this format. Many buy the books for certain illusions that they are interested in. Budget is an issue if they are interested in only certain illusions from each book since the entire set of books cost over US$500.

Hence, my decision to release these design plans. I also think it is an innovative offering to the international magic community as I don’t believe any other illusion designer is offering individual illusions as packages across different books.

I should mention that the packages are fixed and illusions cannot be ‘mixed & matched’ and purchasing the packages do not entitle the buyer access to the Backstage section of

Unfortunately, like my physical books, the digital format design plans will not be available for purchase in Singapore or Malaysia.

Enjoy and pick your favourite packages at


About J C Sum

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2 Responses to New Digital Format Illusion Design Plans

  1. Aaron says:

    wow, what a complicated title.. haha.. anyway, it’s good to have books rather than e-books. i’d prefer a solid book anytime.

  2. Jack says:

    it’s about time to go on the e-way.. it’s true that there might be people who pirate, but there are many ways to prevent that from happening. e-books are much easier to handle and more eco-friendly..

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