Meetings… meetings… meetings

This week has been a string of meetings  to develop new projects and business. Honestly, I have not had a string of meetings like this for a long time. But, each meeting was well worth the investment and we will be moving ahead with many exciting projects lined up for the year.

This month sees us kicking off so many new initiatives for “Ultimate Magic”, amidst the actual performing and corporate gigs. Now, that Concept:Magic has taken over the marketing of the show, we have been busier than ever. But, the control of the show means we have been able to explore so many new opportunities, collaborations and marketing initiatives.

The team is working really well in all areas from our day-to-day operations of “Ultimate Magic” to our corporate shows and submission of proposals. The reliance on our core team cannot be underminded or underappreciated because their work allows myself to develop new business opportunities and media projects. This ensures we have work now and for the future. Ning has been instrumental in using her real magic to get things moving along.

Our pursuits have not been fruitless as our schedule for June 2009 has filled up with a host of new projects.

In Jun 2009, we are staging several special editions of “Ultimate Magic” for the public as well as exclusive sessions for various groups. Of course, you can still buy tickets to watch the show from Mon to Thurs 7.30pm or Sat at 4.30pm. Buy them online at and get 25% off ticket price. All information on the special editions will be on the website by next week.

On 6 Jun 2009, Sat, after our matinee “Ultimate Magic” show, we will be the highlight of the Old Victorians Association Gala Concert @ The Esplanade. The highlight for the audience and us will be the debut of our new wicked 360 Sawing illusion. More details on this later.

On 21 Jun 2009, we will be presenting an escape stunt as a teaser to our special mega event at the Singapore River Festival 2009 on 27 Jun 2009. I can’t share anymore details till I get the greenlight from the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) but you will be the first to know in a couple of days!

But what is awesome is the fact, that STB came back to us for another mega event. It was mentioned that they looked around at other acts to see if there was an alternative. But, although the savy team had watched some other’s work, they were not particularly excited by their style or content. Our fresh & dynamic approach to modern illusion still resonated strongly with the STB team and it helped that last year’s “The Impossible Journey” was a major success, so we got the call 🙂

In addition, we are working hard to make at least 3 more special projects (one which is another mega illusion with another organization) come through for the second half of 2009. Stay tuned to this blog for more info.

And check out as there has been various updates throughout the website.

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One Response to Meetings… meetings… meetings

  1. Aaron says:

    wow, sounds like you have a very busy schedule! that’s really impressive. all the best!

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