Illusion Shows for Corporate Events

The last two weeks, we have been sending our new DVD Showreel to industry partners across Asia. If you are an event producer or agency but have not received your copy, please give us a call!

Besides “Ultimate Magic”, our work for corporate & special events is still very much our bread and butter. Clients & event producers have been very supportive to work around our “Ultimate Magic” performance schedule so that we can be part of their special events.

We even get to travel for higher-value shows as we did to Kuching last month. This month, the “Ultimate Magic” show for 21 May 2009 will be cancelled as Ning & I will be heading up to Phuket for a corporate event.

Check out to see what illusions we perform specifically for corporate events. It is a different set than what we present in “Ultimate Magic” @ The Arena.

Our value to the events market  is that we can stage one of the largest modern illusion shows in Asia with cutting edge original illusions. Many clients also book us for the little ‘celebrity’ and prominence we bring to their events. 

But, a key reason we are booked is for our ability to produce and deliver customized shows for important corporate events. Besides the customization of our magic, clients engage us to effectively deliver and communicate desired business messages which we seamlessly incorporate into our show.

A significant portion of our work is also in the area of high end illusion design for special events.

Here are some snapshots of recent events:

J C Sum Magic Babe Ning corporate5Singapore River Festival 2008 Launch

J C Sum Magic Babe corporateCanon Trade Partner Event 2008

J C Sum Magic Babe corporate4LG Netbook Launch 2008

bidvest1Bidvest 2009 Conference

sa1SA Tours Mega Travel Fair 2009

J C Sum Magic Babe corporate6MSIG Anniversary Event 2008

J C Sum illusion1 Illusion Design for Product Launch (Malaysia)

J C Sum illusion2Illusion Design for the Magical Appearance of a
Giant Construction Truck (Malaysia)

Despite the tough economy, I think we are forging ahead and surving. Creativity, hard work and a strong proven track record are our best assets in applying our craft to wide variety of projects.

We are fortunate to literally have best of 3 worlds currently – a permanent show, gigs from corporate events and a number of high profile projects lined up for the rest of the year. We know nothing is permanent so we are living it and leveraging off all 3 ‘worlds’ at this moment 🙂

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2 Responses to Illusion Shows for Corporate Events

  1. Aaron says:

    wow, the last one is huge! i guess that can never be done in singapore. i’ve never seen such huge trucks in singapore before. maybe it’s just me.. :p

  2. Jack says:

    wow, the last one is so cool! maybe next time you can do something like that for PSA. make their cranes appear.. haha..

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