Behind the Scenes of Magic Babe’s Hot Photoshoot!

My blog, Backstage Business, focuses on the behind-the-scenes aspects of the business of “Show Business”, so this qualifies… and all work and no play makes anyone a dull boy.

We did a photoshoot for our new set of promo photos. Since I know no one wants to see mine, here are some test shots from Ning’s solo shoot. The gal just is that good and nailed multiple ‘A-grade’ shots in her first take.

Ning said the poses reminded her of her FHM shoots (Have you seen them?)! Nuff said!

Magic Babe Sexy 1

Magic Babe Sexy 2

Magic Babe Sex 3

Magic Babe Sexy 4

Magic Babe Sexy 5

Magic Babe Sexy 6

Magic Babe Sexy 7

Magic Babe Sexy 4

Magic Babe Ning 1

Magic Babe Ning 2

Magic Babe Ning 3

I’m sure Ning will have many more photos from the shoot so check out her blog in a few days!


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18 Responses to Behind the Scenes of Magic Babe’s Hot Photoshoot!

  1. Frankie says:

    New costumes! Magic Babe is really such babe! Hawt!

  2. Leonard says:

    Hot 🙂

  3. mickey says:

    Any more pics 😛

  4. michael73 says:

    Sizzling hot yet tasteful! Can’t wait for the actual photos 🙂

  5. frostbite1978 says:

    Wah… nose bleed. looks more like a movie star than magician

  6. lyong1969 says:

    heheh… less wordz, more photoz plz

  7. Davidloh says:

    JC, you should seriously consider doing a post on the ‘best of’ magic babe’s photos! I’m sure there are MANY who would like to see that!

  8. jojogirl says:

    I agree!!!

  9. timothyACE says:

    agree x 10 🙂

  10. Elsonwee says:

    Smoking hot man! that’s why she is the sexiest woman in magic!

  11. oBiOne says:

    Yes, more photos plezzz

  12. jennifer says:

    Looking really hot gal 5 stars. Look forward to the final pic

  13. icklepicky says:

    very leggy 😉 I vote for more pics too!

  14. Jack says:

    that’s just so hot!!! oh man, she’s really sexy! luckily i just drank herbal tea, or my nose will probably bleed..

  15. Aaron says:

    wow, those are some very alluring pictures. i bet FHM would want to publish those in their magazines. she’ll probably get voted top 100 sexiest girls of FHM again!

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  17. Welles Tan says:

    Super sexy and full killing power!

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