360 Sawing Illusion Sneak Peek Photos

Presenting our ‘wicked’ “360 Sawing” illusion!




This is my design of an illusion originally built by another illusion designer/ builder. We re-fabricated 70% of the illusion and added many modifications.

The intellectual property rights of the basic effect and method for the illusion belong to the original builder but the redesign and modifications rights belong to me and are not released to the anyone else.

I designed the stainless steel wings as a main feature for the illusion to frame the prop and give it an edgy look. The deadly angles and asymmetrical shaped wings work well with progressive circle cutouts.

From the start, I intended to have a silhoutte of  ‘Magic Babe’ on the front to give  visual reference of Ning inside the prop. The curves of the sihloutte figure were to mirror the curved frame on either side of the prop. This was to juxtapose with the straight lines of the main boxes and sharp edges/ lines of the wings.

Although I had an intention of having a modern grid design for the sides and back of the prop. I changed my mind and went for a spider web motif instead. I then added chains to run from the wings to the side of the center box to complement the web design. This also added to the edgy industrial design of the illusion.

The team did a fantastic job with the rebuild of the illusion and we are all proud of this piece!

I recently wrote two entries on proposing how professional-level illusionists worldwide can try to be different. One way is through the design or redesign of the prop. Well, I believe it is important to walk the talk and lead by example so this is my latest effort to showcase something different in the world of magic.

So, the first part of redesigning the illusion is done, now for the performance; which is the second way Ning & I are attempting to differentiate this illusion.

Stayed tuned for the journey of the chronicles of the “360 Sawing”…

And… here is a sneak peek of our Shadow Vision illusion as well:



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15 Responses to 360 Sawing Illusion Sneak Peek Photos

  1. Leonard says:

    Love the new illusions! Like the fact that you practise what you preach too. This 360 Sawing looks stylish and cutting edge. Shadow Vision is a seldom seen illusion. I look forward to see what you and Ning do with it.

  2. frostbite1978 says:

    Very nice and cool illusions!

  3. superkofi says:

    Can’t wait to see videos? You said this is a redesign, who is the original designer? The Shadow Vision looks photoshopped 😛

  4. VICTOR says:

    sweet looking prop… you guys built this yourself? very impressive and unique looking illusion. congrats!

  5. ilovemagic says:

    WOW! Very cool prop! This is not in your books right? Shadow Vision is not photoshopped! This is the illusion you will see in performance. Can;t wait to see a video of both illusions!

  6. winston ong says:

    Congrats! Awesome illusions you have there!

  7. Jack says:

    oh my, it looks pretty scary.. it looks as if someone will die if anything goes wrong.. hopefully not.

  8. Aaron says:

    you should have some warning signs.. i’d really not want anyone who has heart attack to see it. he’ll probably collapse.

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  15. Wow, this is an awesome Illusion that is going to become known and respected as the Zig Zag and Sawing a Women in Half! No doubt that the audience will be mesmerized by its design and performance!

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