Singapore’s Only Female Magic Juggler – Kinetic Gal

About 9 years ago, when I first worked on producing shows for performers for the birthday party market, we literally reinvented the industry with everyone following suit. We were the first to package parties with the games/show/ balloons/ cake caking hosting as one turnkey package.

Then, we introduced puppets into a magic show and within two years, everyone started doing the same thing. Next, we started introducing mulitple characters to perform the shows… and guess what? It is mildy amusing to see the pipe piper phenomena year after year.

So, now with everyone doing the same thing all over again, it is once again time to revinvent the industry and introduce something new. For the last two years, we have been working with Kinetic Gal to develop a show for the local event market. The challenge was to create an intergrated show that was designed for kids and family audiences.

To cut a long story short, the result is a visual appealing & interactive show that has been getting solid bookings every month. If you were at Magic Day @ The Arena, you would have seen a small portion of her act performed. The Business Times also did a feature on her last year!


Besides having a solid well-structured & produced act as well as a custom-produced royalty-free killer soundtrack, there are 2 things that differentiate Kinetic Gal from ANY OTHER kids/ family entertainer in Singapore.

First, she is the only female magic juggler in the country. A rose, among the thorns… There are only a handful of female kids entertainers in Singapore and none do magic & juggling. Clients are always looking for something different to fill their event programs and she fits that bill among all the male entertainers in the market.

And, because she is a female, girl audiences take to her much better than to male entertainers. That is a reason why 80% of her birthday party bookings are for birthday girl parties. Parents also feel much more comfortable having a female entertainer interact closely with their girls, especially in a close setting like a birthday party. In fact, half of her bookings are a result of clients and parents choosing her because Kinetic Gal is a cool gal entertainer.

The other half of her bookings come through because clients like her show content. Her combination of juggling and magic with balloons is a great visual mix and completely different from the standard magic/ puppets shows that everyone is doing now. The appeal is tremendously wide as the same material can entertain audiences from 1 year old to 100 years old.

From a producer’s point of view, it is great that her show content is very hard to be replicated by others. Everyone can claim to be a ‘magician’ by buying a couple of props, same with puppets… but you can’t be a juggler even if you buy the best juggling equipment in the world.

Check out her fun-filled promo video on YouTube here or below:

If you are looking for a kids or family entertainer for a birthday party, family event or carnival, she is the freshest face on the market with a solid show of variety! Book her at

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7 Responses to Singapore’s Only Female Magic Juggler – Kinetic Gal

  1. Mugger86 says:

    Ya! Ya! I saw her on Magic day. Her blind fold juggling good man. She can juggle real well without seeing. Power!

  2. BeMyAngels says:

    I would definitely agree with you. 🙂 Parents would surely want if possible a female entertainer when it comes to their daughter’s birthday. It feels much more safer and it doesn’t hurt that Kinetic Girl is a great entertainer.

  3. MysteryM says:

    ooo. Juggling blindfolded must be tough. I wonder how practicing it would be like. Juggle. Close your eyes. Throw it and pray that it doesn’t fall on your head. :X I’m so not going to learn blind folded juggling anytime soon. She must have practice alot to master it.

  4. KopyKat says:

    A female entertainer is a rare find indeed.. It’s great that Kinetic Gal have decided to go into the entertainment field which is male dominated. I bet parents now have a wider choice to pick a female entertainer for their little girl’s party.

  5. Jack says:

    ooh, i think i saw her before. there was some party at the hotel, and i saw her performance. i thought it was nice!

  6. Luckytay says:

    let me know what you can perform during a 3 days travel fair in Johor Bahru ( end of july event ), and your professional fee.
    we are one of the event company in JB
    My mobilephone : 016-7334422

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