Ultimate Magic: The Revolution in Kozine magazine

Ning & I, along with both “Ultimate Magic: The Revolution” and “Magic Day @ The Arena” were featured in the Apr 2009 Kozine, a Korean-English magazine.


There is also a contest going on where you can win a free pair of tickets to “Ultimate Magic: The Revolution”. Find out how by reading our article in the magazine.

You can download the online version at: www.mykozine.com


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4 Responses to Ultimate Magic: The Revolution in Kozine magazine

  1. Aaron says:

    heyy, i remember this magazine.. i saw it somewhere in a korean stall selling groceries. haha.. i didn’t know it’s half english.. i thought it’s only for koreans to read!

  2. Mugger86 says:

    MAGIC DAY!!! I miss it already. :S So much magic and fun. I wish it comes back soon…

  3. blake says:

    Alright! A chance to win a pair of tickets to watch the new ultimate magic. Now only to find that magazine to read properly on how to win the competition.

  4. Jack says:

    if i remember correctly, this magazine also promoted ultimate magic previously right? this magazine is like so cool! they have all the latest updates of these, and you can get it free!

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