Street Magic – Card Magic

This my handling for an effect called the “Mental Photography Deck”, “Blank Deck” or “Nudist Deck”. Enjoy!

Watch it on YouTube here or below:


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5 Responses to Street Magic – Card Magic

  1. Aaron says:

    wow.. i stand in awe.. lol.. i had to watch it 3 times before i was not too stunned to understand what was going on.. haha..

  2. ZY90 says:

    if I could do that, I would have brought cards to my secondary school and play dai di with my friends. then if teacher come ask to confiscate the cards, make into blank cards. 😛 if can do that so fun sia.

  3. NewToMagic says:

    I just love close-up magic that is very visual. It has some kind of magic feeling that makes it seem real to me and makes me think that anything is possible. Especially when life is sometimes mundane and boring.

  4. cardistry2007 says:

    woohoo! nice one! i like the starting with the blank deck cover then it is printed. magic man! magic! 🙂

  5. Jack says:

    nice!! i’ve seen the part from case to a box to a deck.. but the part behind i have never seen before..

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