Conference Show for Manulife Financial Agency Awards 2009

With Ning and Matthew both out of the country respectively for a short holiday, a skeletal crew is left in Singapore.

However, work in Concept:Magic still goes on with Larry the Escape Guy performing his unique stage show tonight. One of our Close-up Magicians is also performing for GreyGoose vodka during Boat Asia over these four days.

This afternoon, I too was booked to present a special intimate stage show for just under 400 people for an Awards event for Manulife at Shangri-la Hotel Singapore. (Coincidentally, that is where our close-up magician is performing tonight as well).

This is the sort of corporate gig that I did extensively between 1998 – 2003. It is not an illusion show but what is called a stand-up show that features intellectual and visual acts with loads of audience participation and interaction.

It is this type of sophisticated audience and setting that tests the metal of a solid corporate entertainer or speaker. If you do well, they will love you. But, if you are less than stellar, they will turn on you and be the most critical of audiences.

The 20min show received a strong ovation and most importantly, I think assures us of getting booked for our full illusion show the next year round for the gala dinner event which would not be happening this year.

Check out some candid shots of the show below:

manulife1Addressing the audience to put my magic presentation into context for the awards event. As part of my technical requirements, video screens flank the stage to support what I had planned for the show.

manulife2An interactive gambling game to ensure the audience & I are on the same wave length

manulife3Presenting a mind-reading prediction effect that went perfectly!


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4 Responses to Conference Show for Manulife Financial Agency Awards 2009

  1. Aaron says:

    wow, sounds like you know your audience so well.. that’s really so cool.. a win-win situation is best described like yours.

  2. Amazzo says:

    Sink or Swim kind of situation. Either do well, or the crowds will not be entertained. Sounds tough and looks like you know the winning formula to entertain this crowd type.

  3. cardistry2007 says:

    pretty cool stuff i would say. i like these kind of magic more. more intimate and much more entertaining to me. i dont like big illusions much cause the audience cannot really inspect the magic and the audience cannot really be holding it or anything. maybe thats why im a card guy. heh.

  4. Jack says:

    gambling? tsk tsk.. haha.. that’s some huge poker card that u have there..

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