New Media Features and Our Media Archives

Ning & I were just featured in two different publications this past week. Our thoughts on how magic can benefit students and teenagers were featured in a full-page article in the May issue of Teens magazine. We shared how we got interested in magic and how the art has benefited us personally.


I was also interviewed in the latest issue of 13 Apr 2009 issue of The Edge, a weekly business paper, along with two other veterans in the Singapore event & entertainment industry, Vivien Goh and Moe Alkalf.


We gave our opinion on the current business climate’s effect on the event & entertainment industry. Now, while the issue was just published this week, we answered questions about 3 months ago. My first thoughts when I was told the issue was out was: “Hasn’t the market changed since then?” I was not even completely sure what I had answered until I picked up a copy. Sure enough, some things I had said then didn’t hold true 🙂

One of things I was quoted as saying was that I was not investing in any new large-scale illusions… WRONG! As I wrote in my blog a few week ago, we just invested over S$30,000 in new illusions. There is a reason with this contradtion but I won’t share it here now.

These latest media features join our collection of media clippings that fill our media archives. In just 2 1/4 years, we have amassed multiple thick files of media features. Ning calls them her “babies” and the collection is very impressive if I do say so myself.

In fact, we used to bring the files for meetings and presentations but it has become so impractical to lug around all the files. So, we just compiled a ‘best-of-the-best’ file that features our best 80 media articles!

Check out photos of our files below. Those are five & a half full files of features from 2007 till now. In fact, 2 & a half files just for last year alone! We had collectively almost 200 pages of PR!



In the upcoming weeks, we will have features I-weekly and Lianhe Wanbao so look out for those!


About J C Sum

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7 Responses to New Media Features and Our Media Archives

  1. NewToMagic says:

    how many magazines and papers have you all been featured so far? 5 files is so much. haa.

  2. Michellllee says:

    I saw that article in Teens Mag. I would say that performing does increase confidence in a person. I used to be very shy but after being in my sec sch cca, concert band, I’m less shy. 🙂 Maybe if I picked up magic I’ll be even more confident. 🙂

  3. BlueTornado says:

    the media seems to love you both. 😀 You both just seem to ‘magically’ keep appearing on magazines and newspaper. really great to see such success in local talents.

  4. Shiba1987 says:

    3 months ago? How come so long sia. I would agree with you. Business climate’s effect on the event & entertainment industry would have changed within that period of time. 3 months is a very long period of time.

  5. KennethL says:

    ha… I think you posted something way back saying about the same thing that you wont get any new props and illusions and in the end you did get new one. this must have been during that time too. ha..

  6. Aaron says:

    i’m quite interested in how magic can help students.. seriously, i can’t really develop a link between magic and studies. unless of course, if one can magically get the answers. :p

  7. Jack says:

    i’ve always believed that everything in life can be related to all other things. it’s no wonder that magic can benefit you. in fact, a lot of things can benefit you, depending on how you look at it..

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