Filming for Star World’s Asia Uncut

Yesterday was a long day till 11pm because the whole day was meeting up with travel agents to communicate the changes in “Ultimate Magic”. We are really happy that they all had good things to say about the show and reaffirmed their strong support for the STB-endorsed attraction.

Ning & I got into the studio only at 5pm where we begun to design a new soundtrack for our “Light & Space” illusion. Designing & editing the music and timing our performance to the music lasted just under 5 hours but it was perfect.

Why were we working that hard?

Because, we taped the illusion as part of our 20min interview/ performance segment for Star World’s “Asia Uncut”, a relatively new talk show that is broadcast across Asia through the Star World cable channel.

We will be one of two celebrity guests for the episode and it was a riot. The production team was awesome and one of the most efficient we have worked with before. We have been the only illusionists to be approached by the show amidst past guests such as Maggie Q, Brendan Fraiser, Andrea Fornseka and Eric Khoo.

We were introduced and both hit the ceremonial gong as part of the show’s tradition. We then had a hearty chat with Jon Niermann the host of Asia Uncut.

We also presented a bunch of magic including a new close-up coin effect where I visually tear a selected coin in half. Ning had Jon strap her up for her “Straight Jacket Striptease”. For the finale, we performed “Light & Space” which drew a huge ovation from the audience and crew.

It was a great experience and we are thrilled that our brand of urban illusions will reach a larger audience throughout Asia through another mainstream media channel!

Check out some photos below:







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6 Responses to Filming for Star World’s Asia Uncut

  1. cardistry2007 says:

    Looks like the host is doing Magic Babe’s Striptease! Woo hoo. Haaa. I think you guys need to hire him then.

  2. NewToMagic says:

    You both are appearing on Asia Uncut? How awesome is that? I don’t think any other Singaporean Magicians have appeared on that show. 🙂 And is that a coin magic that I see? Arghh…. The tease. Now must go watch it to find out what that is about.

  3. Aaron says:

    the pictures look really good! i’ve never actually seen Star World’s Asia Uncut before, but well, there’s a first time for everything.. when will it be shown?

  4. Amazzo says:

    Looking forward to seeing Magic Babe’s Straightjacket. 😛 I think that would be the most exciting part of the show.

  5. Mugger86 says:

    it must be really great to be the only illusionist to be on that show. another first for you both. congrats! i’ll look out to watch this show on tv.

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