Ultimate Magic, TV Consulting & Illusion Developing

It has been an eventful week. Besides private shows, we have been busy with an assortment of activities… never a dull day in the studio. Here are some of the more newsworthy things we had going on:

“Ultimate Magic: The Revolution”

During this break-week, besides meeting with tour agencies and marketing the show, we have also been rebuilding some illusions and reproducing the music for the show. We have brand new marketing material and also designed something special for the area right outside the Arena before every show.

Thanks to Red Dot Magic for helping to spread the word on the new season of “Ultimate Magic”. If you have not, read their reviews here.

Did you check out the new trailer for Ultimate Magic: The Revolution?

Launch date is 2 May 2009, Sat 4.30pm show! Buy your tickets online here: www.ultimatemagic.sg

Magic consulting for MediaCorp TV

Concept:Magic continues to work on TV projects. Two months ago, we taped episodes for the primetime variety show “Five Stars Carnival” on  MediaCorp TV Ch8. This time round two Concept:Magic magicians consulted on a new drama series for Channel 8 called “The Ultimatum”. It stars top MediaCorp artistes Zoe Tay, Fann Wong, Li Nanxing and Tay Ping Hwee among others. It is a follow-up to the popular “The Unbeatable” series from the early 90s.

“Ultimate Magic” resident Close-up Magician, Matthew Lee, was the principal consultant as the team assisted production staff in teaching actors basic card handling techniques, shuffles, flourishes and even sleights. Dice cup ‘shaking’ with gambling dice was also taught. Our magicians worked with MediaCorp over two mornings and there seems to be one more day to go, including hand double work for filming. Check out some behind the scenes photos below:





Shadow Vision Illusion Updates

As I mentioned in an earlier entry, we gutted our new Shadow Vision illusion as we are replacing all internal electronics and wiring with brand new LED strips and casings. Larry put his Electrical Electronic Enginering degree from NTU to good use by redesigning the entire system. His months of working with us on multiple illusions coupled with his engineering background have made him an indispensible illusion supervisor for all my illusions and designs.



We have also acquired a brand new long sword with an interesting hilt. It is not a Japanese Ninja Katana as we originally intended but is a replica from a popular Japanese anime. It has a modern, almost futuristic-look that is perfect for the illusion. We changed the wrap for the sword handle and sheath completely to a snow white latex wrap. It looks beautiful!


This illusion is coming along nicely and we start full rehearsals this new week!

This coming week is going to be even more interesting. Two new illusions are coming in, we will likely be taping an appearance for a TV show, more corporate shows and meetings!


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12 Responses to Ultimate Magic, TV Consulting & Illusion Developing

  1. ZY90 says:

    LOL. Is that Kenpachi Zaraki’s Zanpakuto? From Bleach? Cool!! 😀 So someone there is a Shinigami then. Who is it? 😛 😛 Haa….

  2. NewToMagic says:

    not bad man. everyone in your team all working with something. i wonder how much the actors learn from the magicians during the sessions. i myself having a hard time with some flourishes.

  3. Ming says:

    You ppl get to work with mediacorp actors???? Wah. So cool sia. Did you get any autographs from Zoe Tay or Fann Wong? Like they sign your cards then you do a trick for them then you get to keep it. Your jobs so cool.

  4. Khai85 says:


  5. Aaron says:

    the props used seem nice.. i wonder how it’ll look like. is it going to be shown on ultimate magic season 3?

  6. Jack says:

    it looks really interesting. are the people in the photos actors or crew? cos i don’t recognize any of them.. =X

  7. Will says:

    can i be matthew’s student? gee, i seriously want to learn magic, but i can’t find any classes anywhere! is there anyone i can study under?

  8. Craig Browning says:

    I’d like to know who gave you permission for manufacturing Shadow Vision. As one of the key developers of the piece I find it quite odd when others are producing an effect they have no legal right to… or have you struck a deal with Paul?

  9. Craig Browning says:

    OOps… I just noticed you aren’t manufacturing the piece… I was lead to believe otherwise.

    Just ignore the mud on my face…

    • jcsum says:

      Hi Craig, no worries. This is one of the Shadow Visions that we bought legit pre-owned. But, we gutted the entire lighting system and rewired it. Also changed it to fit a male instead of the girl. But it is very much still Paul’s and Ken’s piece with our modifications to make it better for us. J C

  10. Craig Browning says:

    If you have an email I can use or SKYPE there are certain improvements that can be made to the system we never did back in the day. The only one I’m aware of that kind of uses one of this improvements is the one from the Sigfried & Roy show (of course).

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