Mega Illusion #3 in Development

Ning & I were approached earlier this year to create a brand new mega illusion for a big high profile public event. Creating, designing and staging mega illusions and events have become almost an exclusive signature specialty for us. So, we are really thrilled that we are once again the only one on the list to create a spectacular event that will generate media and public interest.

When I first heard that the request was for a teleportation illusion to be staged, my first thoughts were “what are going to do that we have not done yet?”

In 2007, I teleported 50 stories in 5 seconds and last year, Ning & I teleported 3 people across the Singapore River in 2.5 seconds. In “Ultimate Magic”, at one point, I teleported from different places across Singapore into The Arena.

But at the client’s repeated requests, our team went into brainstorm mode to see how we could top previous year’s teleportations. Remember, this once again is a mega illusion – not for a theatrical stage act.

A mega illusion, as defined by us, is a large-scale illusion spectacle that involves a large or iconic object and/ or covers a large area or distance and most importantly; is performed for a live audience and in an uncontrolled environment. The last two conditions are what make mega illusions so difficult and the reason why so few are being attempted. Coupled with the high costs and resources required to put it together also prevents many from even thinking about actually doing something this large.

With those challenges in mind, we developed a teleportation mega illusion that will top the previous ones in terms of size and difficulty. We will employ different elements from previous illusion methods to create a brand new intergrated method to achieve the desired effect. We went for a site inspection today and the location is perfect for the mega illusion. We did some calculations and also worked out the storyboard of the mega illusion set to take place in Aug 2009.

More info will be made available once details can be revealed!

Here is a  hint:


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6 Responses to Mega Illusion #3 in Development

  1. KennethL says:

    hints. hints. hmmm… coins going from one side and then to another. And then a gigantic coin appearing at the end. I think either you are going to make something go from one place to another OR make something small become big. is it the small become big? like a toy or smthing?

  2. Shiba1987 says:

    That was pretty awesome. I liked the ending with the big coin! Very nice. How you make the coin bigger ah?

  3. Mikey says:

    Let me guess. Since the title is Coins Across, it must mean that ur mega illusion must be smthing crossing somewhere and that it must be big. I think should be something like the Singpore River Teleportation of 3 persons. correct or not? 🙂

  4. GoblinGrenade says:

    Cool coin trick! how you make the coin disappear and reappear from one hand to the other hand? then the big coin also appear from where? very cool.

  5. Aaron says:

    cool! i like the fork bending one more though.. this one is really nice too. i really can’t understand how you do it..

  6. Jack says:

    it must be nice performing to foreigners. they’re so educated and polite! singaporeans are not as polite.

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