Asia’s Most Lethal Combination in Magic 2009 Show Reel DVD

Our 2009 Show Reel DVD is now fully produced and ready to be sent out!

This is my most extensive and content-rich promo DVD till date. It features tons of live performances videos of our various promo trailers, live illusion performances, mega events and Ning’s One-Gal Show.


Check out some of the screen captures of the DVD below:




If you are an agent or event producer, contact us for the Show Reel DVD at

About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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4 Responses to Asia’s Most Lethal Combination in Magic 2009 Show Reel DVD

  1. cardistry2007 says:

    That DVD looks cool. If I’m not an event producer can I still get buy it from you? It’s like a nice collectible DVD of one of my favorite Magicians . 🙂

  2. Jack says:

    why am i neither an event producer, nor agent? 😦 haha.. i think you should sell the dvd.. it’s a good collectable item for fans like us, and you earn some money at the same time..

  3. Will says:

    yea, yea, can fans get them too? i bet there are a bunch of us out there who’s willing to pay to get the disc.. please? :p

  4. Ming says:

    that looks like plenty of content! is this available anywhere? haa… i think i can see most of it on youtube and i already watched most of them.. still, it feels nice to have a physical disc. haa.

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