Tickets Now available for Ultimate Magic: The Revolution!!!

“Ultimate Magic” is now on a 2-week break till 1 May 2009. But, on 2 May 2009, we will kick off “Ultimate Magic : The Revolution”!


This may be the 3rd season of “Ultimate Magic” but it is different in so many ways! The biggest behind-the scenes-change is that Concept:Magic has now taken over (from The Arena) marketing & PR for the show which means lots of changes in the favour for our show-goers!

Show dates/ times have been revised slightly to accomodate the big demand in private venue bookings of The Arena. Previously, when The Arena was booked for a corporate event during an “Ultimate Magic” show time, the show would be rescheduled causing scheduling inconvenience. As such, we have adjusted the show times accordingly so that it will also be able to take on corporate shows during the very popular Fri & Sat night timeslots.

The show will now run 5 days a week with show dates & times are now: Mon – Thurs 7.30pm + Sat 4.30pm (Matinee Show)

Now for the biggest news! The show is now offered at a revised ticket price with great promotions! The standard ticket price is now only $38 (inclusive of a soft drink/ juice) down from the previous $55. If you buy online, you will get a special Internet discount of 25%. Which means a ticket will only cost you $28.50.

Not only that! Every Wed, tickets will be 50% off only at the door. No reservations and based on availability.

All info and ticketing info are available at the show’s brand new website:  


 Our new brochures will very soon be available at various hotels, participating malls/ shops and of course, The Arena. Check it out below:



Content-wise, the show will be slightly different from Season 2, which means, it will be more than 50% different from when the show first began in Aug 2008. If you watched the sneak previews or have not watched the show yet, it is now time do so! Singapore Tourism Board is working even closer with us now to promote Singapore’s first permanent illusion show so expect even more exciting things to come!

And oh, yes, check out the brand new video on YouTube here or below:


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8 Responses to Tickets Now available for Ultimate Magic: The Revolution!!!

  1. Jack says:

    wow! nice posters! my god, i thought i saw catwoman in the first picture! so fierce, yet so beautiful.. haha..

  2. Will says:

    woohoo! are the posters for sale? i know where i can get the brochure, but how about the piture right on top? i’ve gotta get one of those for my collection!

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  4. Amazzo says:

    man oh man. 50% on Wednesday? I hope every Wednesday dont get to packed cause I think I’ll want to drop by to get the 50% off. That’s $19!!!

  5. NewToMagic says:

    😀 I can sense this is going to be pretty awesome when it opens on 2 May. Much affordable ticket prices and with some new changes to the show. Can’t wait to see the new stuff. 😀 😀

  6. Ming says:

    wah. that picture with Magic Babe looks nice lor. i like the sword she always use. very dangerous looking and cool.

  7. SpiderPower says:

    Everything looks great! 🙂 I will watch this show with my friends when it comes out. I think I am going to drag them together with me to your show. He.. he.. this sounds like so much fun..

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