Shadow Vision Modifications

One of the illusions we are working on currently is an illusion called “Shadow Vision”. This is a seldom seen illusion for three reasons:

One, the fact that there are only a few in existence. Two, it is one of the most sophisticated and complex illusions I have worked. Both from the workings and the actual performance of it. And finally, the original presentation leaves more to be desired; so may not interest many illusionists who do not see the potential in the illusion.

In its current original form, it is a decent illusion with potential but just lacks the completeness for a solid illusionary experience for the audience. But, we knew what we wanted to do with it even before we committed buying it. This is generally how we work on a new illusion. We work out the presentation plot, basic choreography, aesthetic design of the illusion and even music before even getting the illusion.

Presentation-wise, this illusion will feature ‘Magic Babe’ welding a Ninja Katana sword… what is this chick and lethal weapons?! We will need to add some components to make the new presentation work with the katana but that should be no problem. The premise of the illusion presentation will also change to a significant degree. Purists or the designer of the illusion may have an issue with us here… but its our illusion now 😛


We are basically taking all the ‘guts’ out from this illusion and re-fabricating the inner workings. The electrical components are being 100% replaced with blue LEDs and rewiring and other internal parts are being replaced. The outer structure and shell of the prop is built like a tank so little needs to be done there.

We hope to have this baby ready for shows in the next 2 months.

We are also concurrently working on our new 360 Sawing where half the prop is being rebuilt. We intend to debut this illusion on 6 Jun 2009 at a special show. More on this illusion and this show to come!

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5 Responses to Shadow Vision Modifications

  1. Khai85 says:

    Does Magic Babe Ning like using blades and cutting things up? Seems like it. Haa. Or does she like to be a Ninja? I think she would be one hot ninja chick welding katanas.

  2. GoblinGrenade says:

    2 months seem very far away. Maybe can give us readers a sneak look at the presentation and stuff? Like how it is going to be like or maybe a vid of you guys doing a rehearsal of it. That will be fun! 🙂

  3. KopyKat says:

    That illusion sounds like you are rebuilding a time machine. Rewiring. Blue LEDs. Electric components. Wonder what kind of technology or science is being used in it. Sounds very complicated.

  4. Whodunnit says:

    cant wait to see magic babe with katana. it’s like she likes to stab jc sum with so many things. there was a spike then now a katana. haa.

  5. Aaron says:

    wow, weapons are nice! but i thought that it’s illegal to own katanas? or any swords that is..

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