The New Backstage Business: The Art, Science & Business of Showbiz

If you are a regular reader of this blog or have visited it before. you will notice a brand new look to the blog.

Well, the blog is almost 1 year old and this is my 231st post for this blog; so I think it is fitting for some reinvention. The blog has grown from 814 views in the first month to over 5100 views monthly currently.

Over the months, various readers have asked me to talk more about the marketing & publicity tools and techniques that we use in our businesses. While they enjoy my entries on our latest projects, videos and illusions, they hoped for more insight on the business mechanics and I guess, ‘trade secrets’, on how we get our commerical projects, whether it is tv, corporate shows or mega events.

What surprised me was the diversity of backgrounds of these readers. Not all were magicians, fans of magic or clients. Some were musicians, other entertainers, designers and even sales professionals and business owners. This got me thinking to fine-tuning the content of the blog for a larger audience.

The tagline for my production company, Concept:Magic, is “the complete magic production house”. And, this is not just a marketing tagline but a realistic description of what we do. Our work at Concept:Magic covers so much more than just magic performance. The real art has been managing all aspects of the business in a balanced and effective manner. In a nutshell, the various activities we have been actively involved in day-to-day for the last 3 years include:

  1. Business development, marketing, branding & PR
  2. Show conceptualization & production for live shows, events and television
  3. Magic & illusion design for live shows, event and television
  4. Talent management
  5. Show marketing, branding & publicity
  6. Media relations
  7. Content genertation (text, graphic, video) for New Media
  8. Video & music editing & production
  9. Graphic design for print, web & video
  10. Logistics management for live shows & events
  11. Illusion fabrication for live shows, events and retail
  12. Book publishing & marketing

And I must add that this would not be possible without my team. No one, two or even three people can take on all the above workload.

The point is, all my team members wear many hats, as discussed in my entry about the evolution of the Revollusion illusion, and our business is hardly just the ‘magic business’ but rather a business in a creative field that covers show production, performance, design and marketing. The general umbrella informal category would be ‘show business’ or ‘showbiz’.  Hence, it makes sense to extend the scope of the blog beyond magic since everything I write applies to practically any other creative & artistic person trying to make a successful career in their chosen field.

The truth is, many creative & artistic individuals who are really talented struggle to make their craft a viable commericial business. Sometimes, it is the lack of business know-how, poor time management, ignorance or mis-placed priorities or a combination. Over the last decade, Concept:Magic has managed, or at least tried hard and be somewhat successful, to reconcile the creative artistic integrity of the magic craft with the high commericiality that a business requires.

So, this blog will now explore how creative & artistic individuals can position themselves to be commercially successful individuals in their respective fields. Whether you are an entertainer, film-maker, designer, musician, artist, actor or animator, this blog will strive to offer insights on how you can succeed commercially in showbiz. But, don’t worry, all the other content and aspects that the blog always had will remain.

As such, the blog has a new look, new categories and a new description – tell your friends about it!

I mentioned at the start of this entry  that this change was really sparked by email requests from various readers. So, what would YOU like me to talk about or share with regards to the art, science & business of showbiz? Email me and I’ll write about it.

Look out for new entries very soon!

On an unrelated note, add me to Facebook as I have a few interesting things going on there. Just search for JC Sum 🙂


About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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7 Responses to The New Backstage Business: The Art, Science & Business of Showbiz

  1. Ming says:

    The new layout looks and feel great. I like the black and orange theme. 🙂 Anyway for me, I think I want to know more about the business side and maybe logistics more then magic. Maybe have an article on how you started magic and merged it with business? That would be very informative.

  2. Amazzo says:

    the site looks hot! flamming banner and orange words. sizzling… i’m curious on point number 1. branding and pr. how do you guys do it? especially pr.

  3. cardistry2007 says:

    it looks great dude. it feels leaner and smoother. maybe cause its more centred? haaa.. or some special design of yours? 😀

  4. MysteryM says:

    Cool looking new layout! NICE!! Anyway, I’m a hobbyist and would definitely want to learn more about show marketing. It would be extremely useful for me and who knows? I might be able to get on tv on of these days? haa.. Cool dream right?

  5. Mugger86 says:

    5100 views monthly is a huge growth from 814. Must be all the interesting stuff your posting that’s making people like me go back here to read. 🙂

  6. Aaron says:

    i like your new template. it’s much more soothing and appealing as compared to the previous one. i like it a lot!

  7. Jack says:

    cool! though i prefer the previous template.. the orange wordings make my head spin. it’s nice otherwise.

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