History of Singapore Magic

In late 2006, the Concept:Magic set out on an on-going project as part of Concept:Magic’s contribution back to the magic community. We researched and published an article that highlights notable magic achievements and individuals in Singapore from the 1950s to present. We spent hours interviewing people, going through scrapbooks and photographs.

The purpose was to introduce magicians and magic enthusiasts to the rich history of magic in Singapore. It honours the notable achievements, prominence and significance of local magicians from the past and present. It is currently the most comprehensive article on Singapore magic history to date.

The article is currently hosted and maintained by the Red Dot Magic team who will also be updating it with photos and new entries. Here is an excerpt from the first part of the article:

The beginning of Modern Magic in Singapore

It is the general consensus that modern magic in Singapore (post World War 2) began with the late-Ng Bo Oen AKA The Great Wong. Information on local magic pre-war is very scarce. The only information found has been on The Great Wong performing at the New World Amusement Park (then located at Kitchener Road) in the 1930s.

The Great Wong was born in 1908 in Shanton, a city of the Guangdong Province, China and immigrated to Singapore in 1933. He was the only professional magician of his time in Singapore and performed across South East Asia. He was known for his sharp stage magic, Linking Rings routine and Sword Basket illusion. He was also an expert craftsman who built all of his props by hand. He had the gift of figuring out the mechanics and methodology of magic props and fabricating them from scratch.
Read the full article here.

If you have anything to add to the article or would like to correct some inaccuracies, please contact the Red Dot Magic team at the above web link.


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5 Responses to History of Singapore Magic

  1. Amazzo says:

    the magic scene in Singapore has progressed and developed well over the years. amazing how such a small country can have so many magic talents and not only the quantity but the quality there is here.

  2. cardistry2007 says:

    Long history in magic in Singapore. Now Singapore or South East Asia just needs an equivalent to Magic Castle in USA for magicians to go to here. A place where people can go to learn, practice and perform for others in a cosy setting. 🙂

  3. NewToMagic says:

    cool article. so that means me and my friends are considered the 4th generation of magicians in singapore? coooooool. hehe.

  4. Aaron says:

    wow, what an incredible man! i heard that he’s the founder of ibm in asia? his achievements are really incredible! especially since technology at that time wasn’t so good, yet he still manage to build all the props and all.

  5. Will says:

    wow, i never thought that magic started that early! that’s really interesting. i’ve always thought you guys were like the pioneers of magic in singapore! how ignorant i am..

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