Reinvention and Evolving

Last week was a killer week with shows. After a brief rest on Sunday, we started the week running with lots to do.

We are currently working on Ning’s & my brand new promo DVD. Our promo trailer will be done before the week is over and this video will be different from any other promo video we have ever done. We have been working on the video for weeks now, choosing through hundreds of hours of video footage from our corporate shows, “Ultimate Magic” shows and numerous special projects. I did the music design as well as went into the sound production studio yesterday with our voice-over talent to record the VOs for the video and other things.

The singular goal for this video is for it to be different from anything else anyone has done before – leveraging on the unique position we have in the industry. I produced my first promo video back in 1996. At that time, no other local magician had a professionally produced video. Every two years, I released a new video in generally the same format but with updated content. Since then, many other magicians have released promo videos with the same format which include clips of live performances of acts they perform. This is also generally the same for many magicians worldwide. Well, our new video is going to be radically different in the format as well as content and elements unique to us that cannot be replicated by anyone else in the world.  Look out for it real soon!

As mentioned previously, we are working on a couple new illusions – 4 to be exact. “Smoke Split Appearance” is an exciting new appearance illusion. We have a new 360 Sawing that we will be rebuilding with a customized structural design as well as graphics – this is going to be sick. I believe we are the only ones in Asia or at least South East Asia with this illusion.

We are also putting our presentation spin on a very unique illusion called “Shadow Vision”, designed by the now defunct Creative Illusions based out of Las Vegas. There have only been a handful made in the world and Ning & I have never been completely satisfied with how it has been performed. So we have added in our own ideas to this very seldom-seen illusion.

Shadow Vision

Shadow Vision currently being introduced to our show

I have takn JAM out of retirement and will be performing it with Ning. I performed this illusion extensively between 2002- 2006 and then stopped. 3 years on, I believe Nng can add her usual sexy dominant spin to the illusion.

We also have a brand new light impalement illusion that we are adding to our corporate event show. Ning has dubbed this one-of-a-kind illusion as the “Human Light Tunnel”.

Our BASIC corporate illusion show is going through a major overhaul. Key acts are being removed with new unique illusions added in. One of the acts I have performed in my event show for some time is the Losander floating table; I was the first to perform (the original) here in Singapore . I got in back in 2002 when I first developed my “Illusions of the Mind” psychological illusion show. Since then, many local magicians have added it to their show, sadly several use pirated ones. So, with a heavy but knowing heart, this effect will be retired from my corporate show set.

Ning & I have completely reworked the show since it is a ‘team show’ which makes it very unique due to our dynamics, onstage chemistry and equal-duo presentations. Unique acts in our new show include our UV Magic Act, Ning’s Samurai Sword & Rope, 3″ Inch Hole illusion and the brand new light impalement illusion. We have completely restaged the show and have begun rehearsals. The show will debut in May 2009.

It is an exciting creative time with reinvention and evolution for us and the fruits of our labour will be seen shortly!


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12 Responses to Reinvention and Evolving

  1. Ming says:

    cant wait to see the new stuff in action. I bet its going to be nice. 360 sawing sounds very interesting and I cant wait to see that being performed too!

  2. Amazzo says:

    Losander floating table is going to be retired? aww man. I liked that effect. Anything levitating or floating always makes me believe that its real magic. I suppose I can always go watch your show to see Magic Babe float 😀

  3. Mugger86 says:

    Looks like 2009 brings new changes to everything. 🙂 New promo video, new basic show, new props. Everything’s going to be brand new!!! 1 more month to May. Wonder what new stuff will be in the show.

  4. Ryu2009 says:

    4 New magic items to see. Cool..

  5. ZY90 says:

    JAM? What does it stand for? Havent seen that piece of magic before. Looks like I need to expose myself to more magic performances. Haaa…

  6. KopyKat says:

    wah. new stuff keep coming up. cannot wait for that. im actually looking forward to seeing the new promo video. will it contain all the new illusions thats being added?

  7. Khai85 says:

    New illusions and routines and shows. Sounds like boat loads of fun and practice but I bet the final result would be something great. Hope to see it very soon.

  8. Jack says:

    oh my, the stuff all sounds so cool! too bad it’s only in your corporate shows.. i guess i gotta get my boss to hire you for gala night if i wanna see your new illusions.

  9. Aaron says:

    don’t tell me you’re going to show sawed up body parts? ewww.. i hope not.. that’ll probably put off your audience..

  10. Will says:

    i’m looking forward to the videos! i really like watching videos. be it trailers or promo videos. sometimes i think trailers and promo videos tell you much more than anything else..

  11. Whodunnit says:

    Light Impalement sounds very fun! will there be blood and guts coming out due to the impalement? it should just be light right? haa… after all its called light impalement.

  12. Mikey says:

    The “Shadow Vision” company that designed it is now defunct? That means that you guys are one of the few left that has it? That’s pretty cool man. An illusion unique to you guys.

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