1 Down, 3 More to Go….

Ning & I just flew in from Kuching, Sarawak Malaysia after performing at the “Building Trade Show 2009 Gala Dinner” for the Malaysian Institute of Architects, Sarawak chapter yesterday.

This is a bi-yearly major event for the professional body and they always look for ‘A-list’ entertainers for the gala dinner. Last time, Gurmit Singh was booked to do his “Phua Chu Kang” act. This year, they wanted something different and to top the previous year’s entertainment. So, we got the call to perform for the event.

Ning was the main entertainment highlight with her “Deadly Sexy Magic” One Gal Show and since she needed someone to carry her gear, I was booked to present something very unique.

With the aid of 3 cameramen and 2 giant projection screens, I presented “Street Magic live in front of 750 people”. Interacting with VIP guests at the head table and playing to the cameras to ensure that everyone in the ballroom could see, I performed a series of “Street Magic” effects in a 15min show.


This was something the audience had never seen before as they typically see a stage magic show or a close-up magician during cocktails but never a close-up show played to the entire audience. Response was fantastic and filming over 200min of “Street Magic” content for MediaCorp and SPHMBO really gave me the experience to play to the cameras and live audience at the same time.


Ning was manning the visual mixer and calling cues for the right camera to switch at the right moments. Working together for 3 years now and her background as a film student ensured this special show went flawless.

Later that night, we exchanged roles as I called technical cues for her lighting, sound and video as she took the starring role on stage and captivated the entire audience with her tantalizing and entertaining magic as only ‘Magic Babe’ can do.


After the show, some guests wanted to take photos with us, including two young magic/ flourishing enthusiasts who came because they had heard that we would be appearing at this event.

The client and audience were very happy and after the gala dinner, we were invited to an exclusive cocktail party on the 18th floor of the Riverside Majestic Hotel where we mingled with VIP guests and the organizers. We also sampled the smoothest Vodka we ever tasted, imported from Mongolia.


As I write this, part of the team is setting up our illusion show at the Shangri-la for a Standard Chartered event at 6.30pm. After which, we must race to Arena for “Ultimate Magic” and finally head for a last corporate gig at a new hotel at Mount Elizabeth. Yup, that’ 3 shows within 4 hours…


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8 Responses to 1 Down, 3 More to Go….

  1. KopyKat says:

    LOL. So many performances one shot? sounds very rushing and tiring. should recommend me what you drink or eat for energy le. I need the energy for 2.4km Napha Test.

  2. Val says:

    I cant ever imagine..i just can do it..producing live performance for very professional people like u too. catching very single steps on your show..hope without any fails in my switching..thanks god..my crews give full support..

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  4. cardistry2007 says:

    Performing street magic must be fun! Haa.. Everyday perform stage illusions, this must be refreshing. 🙂 What did you perform for them? Something cool?

  5. GoblinGrenade says:

    3 shows within 4 hours? Freaking fun. Like The Amazing race, magic style. Must have had an adrenalin rush. Rushing to venues. Performing for people. 🙂

  6. ZY90 says:

    overseas show then next day 3 more shows. haaa.. that sounds like a recipe to get super drained. atleast it was a friday? weekend for chilling and recharge. anyway Mongolia Vodka taste like what?

  7. Ryu2009 says:

    non-stop magic action for the both of you. pretty exciting lifestyle. travel there then travel back and perform for 3 more shows. woohoo. sounds like a fun but tiring lifestyle.

  8. Jack says:

    haha.. as usual, making it sound as though you are ning’s servant. it must be pretty cool to get hired to go all the way to malaysia for a performance, though it must be the norm for you already. singapore just doesn’t have so many big events like these.

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