Wow! Keep it coming!

Thank so much for your interest in wanting to learn about how to work with Concept:Magic.

This blog entry got almost 430 hits in a single day! We have also been overwhelmed with applications. We have received more than a dozen ‘applications’ in the first day alone and will take all in considerations.

Most recognize what they can learn from us because of the width breadth of our magic projects… but we are also keen to see what we can learn from potential team members too. It is not a one-way street and we also look for individuals who can teach us.

Again, I would like to stress. If we do not choose you, it is simply because we felt the fit was not right, that is all.

Please keep it coming. We will be on this ‘recruitment’ drive till mid/ late April 2009.


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5 Responses to Wow! Keep it coming!

  1. KennethL says:

    Heng ah. Got till April to write. 🙂 More time to think and write my resume properly.

  2. NanoMan says:

    a dozen of applications already? that fast? err, any suggestions on how to make the application resume more attractive? what exactly is being looked for?

  3. NewToMagic says:

    I dont think I have such a vast knowledge and experience that would be useful in terms of magic BUT I do have other skills and knowledge. I hope that’s what is being looked for in ‘individuals who can teach us’

  4. Ryu2009 says:

    Looks like many people are interested. How many slots or positions are available? 2 or 3? Just wondering what’s the chances of getting selected if I send in my resume.

  5. Khai85 says:

    430 hits a day! that must be good. 🙂 i bet its possible then for you guys to find someone suitable for your team.

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