Join Us at Facebook & Win S$1000 worth of Magic!

It’s almost as simple as that…. 🙂

You also have to answer a few questions but that is it. There is no catch… no need for you to spend any $ to stand chance to win S$1000 worth of magic.

For new readers –  my on-stage partner, Ning, owns an online magic store Magic Boutique. No, she does not do this for $. Ning will readily admit, she makes more per show than she does in one month’s net takings from Magic Boutique. But, she does it for the passion. And more specifically, her passion to have an outlet for people to buy items from a shop that does not pirate magic items, DVDs or engage in any ethically dubious promotion or scheme.

Here is what Magic Boutique is about in Ning’s own words:

“As you already know, Magic Boutique is much more than just a company. We’re a family. Not one that you’re born into, but one that’s made through the forging of passionate love for the art of magic. We strongly uphold intergity and ethics, and when you support us – you support anti-piracy in magic, because we only retail original material. Magic Boutique also strives to make magic accessible to serious learners of the art & effectively promoting magic with the key objective of enriching and raise the bar here in this part of the world.”


So, to thank anyone who will take the time to participate in this promotion, Ning has put up S$1000 worth of magic up for grabs with no strings attached.

So, first things first, join our Facebook page here

And read here for more info on how to win the $1000 worth of magic products.

Best of luck!

The promotion ends 31 Mar 2009, 2359hrs


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7 Responses to Join Us at Facebook & Win S$1000 worth of Magic!

  1. cardistry2007 says:

    you can bet I’m doing the promotion. 😀 so many promotions going on at this time. Red Dot Magic and this one. i want to be greedy and win both of them

  2. Amazzo says:

    ANOTHER chance to win magic! here I go. *crosses fingers*

  3. Whodunnit says:

    Magic Boutique is freaking awesome. Almost every month there is a free giveaway! I love that shop and its idea of supporting anti-piracy.. Magic should always be guarded well and be respected.

  4. ZY90 says:

    I already added you guys in Facebook! 🙂 Love buying from Magic Boutique! 2 reasons why. 1) Its reasonably priced 2) Its all original (cause u all support anti-piracy) . Magic Boutique has helped me in getting many of my magic books/dvds and indirectly improved my magic. Otherwise I would have bought less magic due to shipping prices that I need to pay for overseas shops. Thanks for that and I hopefully it continues for a long time!

  5. Aaron says:

    ahha, ahha, i hope i get the hamper! 😀 i’m quite poor now, and i could use a good gift. :p don’t worry, i’m not gonna sell it.. :p

  6. Jack says:

    ooh.. i’ve done both, and i’m hopefully waiting. haha.. looking forward to april too! happening events going on! 😉 i definitely hope that i’m not going to be disappointed again, though the chances are quite high.. :p

  7. Will says:

    it’s too bad we can only submit one entry each.. if i can submit more than 1 entries i would probably have submitted 10 different ones. :p hope i win!

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