What’s brewing in Concept:Magic?

I get an average of 5000 blog views a month now (thanks to all you readers for making this worth while) and one reason is because the blog has been very consistent. However, this month, I have missed quite a few days and the reason is because we are juggling many different things going on this month.

It has been a very busy month with proposal writing and planning for shows. Later this week on Thurs, Ning & I will head to Kuching, Malaysia for a corporate show. So, don’t come down for “Ultimate Magic” on that day as it has been rescheduled. We arrive back in Singapore on Friday morning and are scheduled to perform at a launch in the late afternoon. We then head to The Arena for “Ultimate Magic” and finally head to town for another corporate show immediately after that.

Besides our daily bread & butter shows, we have two major projects tentatively set for the end of June and beginning of Aug; one of which is a new mega illusion. The other is not classified as a mega illusion but will be a major event that will go down in history if done right. We are now in the process of site inspections, negotiations of costs and idea generation for publicity. Time is very short so we hope to wrap things up by the first week of April.

As mentioned before, there are going to be significant changes to “Ultimate Magic”, this has kept us very busy too. The new video trailer is ready but not released yet – this is awesome!

Earlier this year, I said that we would not be getting any new illusion material for our shows. Well, I put my foot in my mouth because I highlighted a new illusion that will be put in the show soon in the form of the “Smoke Split Appearance”. Now, we are spending in excess of S$30,000 for even more illusions. We are also seriously running out of space in our studio. But, we will have a couple of truly fresh and seldom seen illusions in our repertoire. You will be surprised 🙂

On top of all the above, we have also been working on our new promo videos & showreel in the night, after ‘work’. Ning & my new video is going to be our best representative body of work in video till date, so it is exciting but very tedious to put together. Our video editor is doing a superb job on all our videos and we already have the music design laid out for the videos.

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7 Responses to What’s brewing in Concept:Magic?

  1. FL87 says:

    sounds like awesome exciting stuff coming up! sure can’t wait for them! Mega illusion!! Yay! Any hint of what it will be? 🙂

  2. magicfan says:

    Wow.. you guys really are very busy! Do let us know when the details are confirmed! I’ve attended 1 of your mega illusions in the past and i really love it! Will definitely mark it down on my calendar when you let us know when it is.

  3. KopyKat says:

    how do you all have the energy to travel, perform and come back and perform again? its like seriously needs energy and I dont see how you both are able to get that much energy to do so many things. must share your secret how to do so many things with ur readers and still have energy. 🙂

  4. Ryu2009 says:

    Spending excess? Is that good? Ha.. I suppose its the love of performing only the best. Money is not the most important thing in life.

  5. KennethL says:

    I can imagine if I got hired, I would be super busy with helping with the shows. Sounds pretty exciting. Any more clues on the other projects coming up? Must prepare for the interview.

  6. Aaron says:

    woahoa! 5000 blog views is a lot! that’s like around 170 a day! wow, u sure are popular!

  7. Khai85 says:

    I don’t like it when there are a few days missing from the blog. Haa. But that means ur busy with your shows then. Ha.. And I can predict that there will be no blog entry on Thurs too. 😛

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