Thanks to our fans!

No, I’m not talking about our biggest fan “Revollusion”

Our real human fans… or ‘Magic Babe”s fans… I’m just kind of there.

Our fans come down to our events, support our shows, projects and TV appearances and it is always great to see a good crowd when we do public appearances like the recent SA Tours Travel Fair. We also made numerous fans at “Magic Day @ the Arena” last month which was awesome! Check out photos at the link given 🙂

Our fans also keep us up to date on any media mentions we might miss. Since last year, we have also a small group of dedicated people who have helped continually update our Wikipedia Pages. We know that there about 6 – 8 fans who help update our Wiki pages whenever something noteworthy occurs. Recently, the wiki entries were updated once again with new entries as well as new photos.

The great thing about Wiki is that it is an open user-generated resource, which means anyone can edit it. As long as you quote a 3rd party reference such as a media article and it is a verifiable source, you can contribute information or edit an entry. It has become the most exhaustive resource on info on us. Sometime, we are surprised to read certain things in the entry because we forgot that we mentioned it in an interview.

Check our Ning & my newly updated wiki entries here:

All you wanted to know about J C Sum

All you wanted to know about ‘Magic Babe’ Ning

So, thanks again to all who support our work! We really appreciate it 🙂


About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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8 Responses to Thanks to our fans!

  1. NanoMan says:

    Love the new pictures and updates! It looks fantastic. You and Magic Babe really have a very long list of references. About 84 in fact. Really great.

  2. Amazzo says:

    i love wiki 😀 its always up to date and have almost accurate information if no one goes and disturbs it. looks like your wiki and Magic Babe Ning’s are super up to date also. 😀 i like the new picture for Magic Babe Ning’s photo. looks so cool in front of the fan.

  3. Whodunnit says:

    It must be fun to have fans who help out and seems like some of your fans really help you alot. I wonder if I can be famous and have fans too. Maybe a movie star? 😛 I think I’m dreaming too much.. haa..

  4. ZY90 says:

    I’m your fan!!! Ha…. thats why I’m here. hehe.. the new entries and new photos look cool. Didnt know you were called “The Ace in Asia”! that really fits you!

  5. KopyKat says:

    I watched your show on Magic Day. Very impressed by the show. It got me hook to watch more magic. I even got to take a picture with you and Magic Babe! I seriously cannot wait for your new season with new magic and new ticket price. :X

  6. GoblinGrenade says:

    Wow! Your Wikipedia is full to the brim with things that you’ve accomplished over the years. That’s seriously a lot of stuff that you have done along with Magic Babe Ning. I saw only one of your “Magic in Motion” series. DIdn’t know there were 24. Any place to catch them anywhere else?

  7. Aaron says:

    wow.. you’ve got really great fans. the pages were really informative! you guys really do singapore proud!

  8. Jack says:

    ahha.. don’t say that. u’re my idol too! and in fact, i only got to know about ning after knowing about u!

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