Magic Babe Spikes me on Prime Time TV!

Thanks once again to sgmagicidol for uploading our illusion performance from episode 4 of Five Stars Carnival!

This episode was all about ‘Magic Babe’ as she took the dominant lead in the performance of this illusion. She opened with her dexterous “Dance of the Sais” that shows of her twirling skills with deadly Japanese Sais.

Incidentally, Ning has two pairs of Sais and both pairs are licensed under our Police Force’s “Licensing Divison, Arms & Explosive Branch”. One pair made us run in circles to get the license approved (that’s another story) but in the end, the officers in charge gave the green light.

This led to our “Spiker” illusion presentation which utlizes an illusion designed by the brilliant Jim Steinmeyer. However, we have changed the intended presentation of the illusion from what was originally designed and how it is presented by several magicians around the world.

The biggest change is that Ning is the protagonist in the illusion performance and is the one in control. Typically, in this illusion, a female audience member is used and it is presented in a comedic manner. In our performance, the role reversal with me being spiked is played dramatically.

Ning looks gorgeous as usual in her sleek black costume BUT she is not just eye candy, although I have no doubt she grabs your attention off the screen straight away. Her dominance is immediately established with her “Dance of the Sais” with firm and strong lashes of the weapons through the air. The use of the spikes and the fact that she levers the spikes through me extends her dominance as the female magician in this act… no hint of her being an assistant in any way.

Typically, Ning dons a mask with this illusion but she highlighted the importance of not wearing it for TV because they would not be able to establish her face and recognize her in the short airtime that we had. Good call!

Enjoy the performance below or on YouTube here.


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17 Responses to Magic Babe Spikes me on Prime Time TV!

  1. Amazzo says:

    Second last episode. I was enjoying watching these show. To bad its ending. This one looks really fun for Magic Babe Ning..

  2. BeMyAngels says:

    That’s sexy and female empowering! How often a female magician gets to spike a guy? 🙂 made my day watching this. looking forward to the next episode.

  3. Khai85 says:

    SPF Licensing Divison, Arms & Explosive Branch. That’s a mouthful. Maybe can share the story on bringing the Sais? That would be enlightening and sure make a good read. 🙂

  4. GoblinGrenade says:

    she really knows how to dance and twirl the sais. she seems to be able to do many things. magic, fire and sais. she’s a real talented girl.

  5. ZY90 says:

    Mask? Is it like a V for Vendetta mask? Or Green Lantern kind of mask? I think they just showed V for Vendetta on channel 5. I think that mask is fun to wear. Does Magic Babe Ning wear any other kind of masks?

  6. NewToMagic says:

    can get to watch the 4th episode. yeah! i love the spikes! having blood would have been gruesome and cool! that would be like barry and stuart. but i suppose that is their style and this is your style of magic. 🙂

  7. Shiba1987 says:

    wow. I like it. its only one illusion this time? 😦 would have loved to have watched more then one.

  8. Ming says:

    the spikes and daggers so coool! I want one. Does it mean I have to go to the SPF Licensing Branch also? How do I get a dagger like that?

  9. Jack says:

    great magic! i’ve enjoyed the past few episodes too! too bad it’s ending.. 😦

  10. NanoMan says:

    I love the blades. I love the spikes. I love Magic Babe Ning. 3 more days to Sunday.

  11. cardistry2007 says:

    “Dance of the Sais” rawks my socks! ANd the magic was splendid! I simply love watching magic and this illusion makes me fall in love with magic even more. 😀 Congrats for a very well done episode!

  12. MysteryM says:

    The show was not bad. I prefered episode 3 a lot more though with the fan. More impact and more suspense. Episode 4 lacks impact for me. But its still a great piece. Just not for me.

  13. blake says:

    The spikes look real sharp. I wonder how its done… but I think I have to be a magician to find out I suppose. looking forward to see the next show..

  14. KopyKat says:

    i prefer Magic Babe with the mask. I saw her perform before with a mask and she looks sassier and meaner with the mask. but still thats not the main point of the show, is it? haaaaa. :D:D

  15. Shiba1987 says:

    This Sunday what you and Magic Babe performing? Will it be something special since its the last episode with both of you in it? I hope I dont forget to watch it this Sunday. Haa…

  16. KennethL says:

    this Sunday would make it the 5th and last episode with you both performing magic. Is that why its called 5 stars carnival? :X Cause of 5 episodes with magic? After that no more 5 stars. 😛

  17. Aaron says:

    i found the front portion a bit longer than what i’d like. ning’s dance should be shortened a little. i think it’s a bit too long..

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