Ultimate Magic: The Revolution Starts 2 May 2009, Sat

I have not blogged consistently the last few weeks as we been busy working on 3 upcoming projects that will occupy us for the next 4 months if/ when they go through. We are also working a bunch of new videos concurrently, on top of all our shows. I have to admit, I have also spent siginifcant time building my own Facebook account. Yes, I have only just really got on board on Facebook. Slow… I know… but at least I’m in now! So, add me as a friend right away!

One of the projects I mentioned above is on-going and that is of course, our permanent illusion show “Ultimate Magic”. Check out a review that Red Dot Magic wrote on “Ultimate Magic: Season 2”. They watched season 1 in Sept last year so had a basis to compare the current show to its incarnation 5 months ago. Read the review here.

However, there are going to be significant changes to “Ultimate Magic”; both on stage and behind the scenes.

Be prepared for the second… or rather third-coming (season) of “Ultimate Magic”… aptly named: “Ultimate Magic: The Revolution”


The biggest change is the fact that there will be a change in management for the show’s marketing, branding and and promotions. There will also be minor changes to the performance days and timeslots. The Singapore Tourism Board will be working closer with us to promote the show. They just dropped by two days ago with the new head management of STB and loved it!

Ticket prices will be revised down! Something my team has wanted to do from the start but was not in our control. Basically, the changes behind the scenes will be highly positive, most importantly beneficial to the show-goers!

On stage, we are going to make changes to the show content ONCE AGAIN! I know the show was just revised for Season 2. BUT, we have new stuff we want to showcase and to us, this really is a brand new show with a brand new life. So yes – New illusions, new costumes (you are gonna love ‘Magic Babe’s’ new costume… drool) and new music. This is so exciting for all of us!

While things have yet to be set in stone due to the complexities of such a project, here is the tentative plan:

The show will take a scheduled 2-week break from 17 Apr 2009 – 1 May 2009.

The Revolution will begin with a brand new “Ultimate Magic” on 2 May 2009, Sat at 4.30pm.

More info on the show and ticketing will be made available in the next week or so.


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4 Responses to Ultimate Magic: The Revolution Starts 2 May 2009, Sat

  1. NewToMagic says:

    Facebook? Time to add you as a friend. Do add me. 😀 I should add Magic Babe too.

  2. ZY90 says:

    The Revolution? That sounds cool. *eagerly awaits* What new stuff will be added? One is the Smoke Split Appearance right? What else? And the new logo for the new season looks Slick!

  3. Khai85 says:

    “Ticket prices will be revised down”? Wah.. that’s good news. I will definitely come by for season 3! My friends won’t be bugging to me anymore saying its to ex when I drag them this time around.

  4. KopyKat says:

    Sounds very Matrix to me. “Revolution” The graphic looks really fantastic!

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