Piracy in Magic and Magic Day @ The Arena Reviews

It has been a busy few days doing administrative and planning work. After each long day at the studio/ office, we have been performing “Ultimate Magic” every day.

Thanks to Albert Tam from Hong Kong for dropping  by the show along with Alex and Alfred. I hope you guys had a good time. We had a nice chat/ discussion on piracy in magic shows, specificially on how many magicians perform knock-off illusions in their professional shows. In magic, piracy is prevalent unfortunately… many magicians steal/ copy other magicians acts/ routines/ effects blatantly.

In the realm of illusions, magicians build or buy knock-offs of original illusions without licenses or permission. Usually, the knock-offs look horrible. This is prevalent in EVERY country in the world. The pirated props deny the creator getting any royalties for the illusion and, worse still, spoils the enitre illusion when it is built and performed badly.

“Ultimate Magic” features only our own original illusions as well as props designed by others, all of the latter are originals. Sadly, while several professional magicians do make a living performing pirated illusions, the good news is that they are never really successful. No one can be a mainstream success in their field if they have no professional ethical standards or passion to be original. As Ning believes in “professional karma will bite them in the ass”!

We have been receiving tons of comments, text messages and emails on Magic Day. Even our guest performers have had people thanking them for a job well done! While our intention to organize the event has never been for accolades or edulation, positive feedback is a tool that tells us what we did right. And, if someone develops a serious interest in the magic act, that is even better!

Ning wrote her thoughts on Magic Day and has a lot of different and fun photos from the day in her blog. Check it out here if you have not!

The guys at Red Dot Magic came down for Magic Day and penned their thoughts here. They also watched Ultimate Magic Season 2 and managed to speak to them very briefly after the show. From what I gathered, they really loved the evolution of the show and had very positive things to say. We’ll see what their review will be when they post it 🙂

I have an interview/ photoshoot with i-weekly tomorrow as well as a meeting for an upcoming special project. Tell you more about it soon!


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6 Responses to Piracy in Magic and Magic Day @ The Arena Reviews

  1. cardistry2007 says:

    i love the review at Red Dot Magic. really nice photos.. and got to agree, Larry was funny. haaaa… 😀 maybe can get him to perform more some place?

  2. Khai85 says:

    I think with anything, there will always be piracy, from music to movies to even food.. There’s not much one can do but atleast you know that someone likes it enough to copy it. As the saying goes, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” Right?

  3. NewToMagic says:

    Magic also have piracy? Didnt know that. Know I do. Haa…

  4. Aaron says:

    ooh, piracy of magic.. i didn’t really think of it that way. but if i see some card magic, and i am able to use it without actually acknowledging, is that considered piracy also? then again, this is really big scale magic that you’re talking about.

  5. Jack says:

    it’s really very hard to actually sue the people for piracy right? as they define it, copyright only applies for a specific product. that means to say that if they copy an idea, but make it work their way, without actually copying every detail, it can’t be called infringement of copyright. that’s quite unfair the way i see it..

  6. Will says:

    hmmm.. i never knew that piracy can occur in magic too. i only thought that if an illusion wasn’t performed well, it’s that the magician didn’t practise enough. who knows such people existed in the magic circle!

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