Magic Day @ The Arena Part 1 – Special Session

“Magic Day @ The Arena” was a full day of magic – the first major public magic event in Singapore for 2009. Our objectives were defined from the start:

1) Bring Magic to the Masses in Singapore

2) Showcase Local Magic Talent

3) Allow us to connect with friends, fans and fellow magicians

With the 7-hour event, we achieved all the set-out objectives and so much more. Response was overwhelming and slightly more than 200 attended the event throughout the day.

“Magic Day” has actually been in the pipeline for almost a year now. For a long time, Ning wanted to do something for Magic Boutique, as her last event was back in Aug 2007, held at the Concept:Magic studio (a time when there was still space in the studio to hold an event like that). Concept:Magic organized its last micro convention in Jan 2007. So, we had actually planned to do something together. The project was put on the back-burner simply because of our schedule. Last year saw us working on so many major projects so in Nov 2008, we finally planned for “Magic Day” to be held on the last day of Feb 2009, after we came back from the UK.

The concept was to make it a generally free event, open to the public, with some ticketed portions. The free event meant that we would reach out to casual magic enthusiasts or even just the curious. In events of this nature, the attendees generally tend to be mainly magicians or serious magic enthusiasts. So, outside this niche group, the general public is not really exposed to the magic art. We were really happy that “Magic Day” drew a good mix of both magicians and laymen, a good 1 to 1 ratio.

A lot of planning went into the production of the event; from the program, venue layout, graphic design, show producing, resource allocation and marketing & PR. One simple thing I stressed to the team was that everything must start on time as per the planned program, with an allowance of a 5min delay. I’ve seen many of these type of events and organization and programming is always an issue.

But, the great thing is, the team has worked on “Ultimate Magic” for 7 months now, our two mega magic events from last year as well as our dozens of corporate shows; so everyone knew what to do and ensured that things ran smoothly. A big part of the success of Magic Day is attributed to the finely tuned team from Magic Boutique/ Concept:Magic that worked on the event. As usual, everyone assumed multiple responsibilites and it is this cross-trained group of professionals that made an event like this work and be viable.

We worked with The Arena in transforming the club into a venue for “Magic Day” so that there would be different areas for the various activities going on throughout the day. There were, of course, constraints since the club was never designed to hold an event like this, but everything worked out well. So, thanks to The Arena who supported the event with the use of the club as the venue.

The first part of the day from 1.30pm – 3.30pm was a ticketed event which was a “Special Session with J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning’. Participants got a chance to see what Ning & did in the UK as well as have first dips at the discounted magic products from Magic Boutique. Response for this ticketed event was solid with just over 50 people attending.

When participants arrived at The Arena about 1.15pm, they were greeted by large graphics, looped to play throughout the day, on the Arena’s giant LED screen.







We started “Magic Day” proper with Ning & myself taking the stage and welcoming the guests. After a brief introduction of “Magic Day”, I proceeded with the first activity of the ticketed portion, which was my Master Lecture.


I performed and shared four routines that formed the basis of my overriding theme of building a show. Participants learnt not just the technical aspects and methods behind the routines but also my psychological motivations, presentation plots, reasoning and audience management techniques.

md8Giant diamond “Ring & Rope”. My “Ring & Rope” routine is inspired by work from David Williamson, George Sands and Bobo Ellis. I also shared my new “Tie & Ring” presentation.

md9Making a point on the presentation of magic as a ‘story”.

md10“Psychological Aces” – A simple but devasting routine that requires expert audience management and the understanding of psychological tendancies.

md12One of the highlights in “Ultimate Magic” is my presentation of the “Miser’s Dream”. I shared my technical handling as well as showcased a range of coin pails.
Many who watched “Ultimate Magic” later that night saw the routine in real performance and commented on how strong the routine was.

md13A two-cup/ two- ball routine that has been honed and evolved over 15 years. I developed this routine when I was working restaurants regularly as a close-up table hopping magician.

After my lecture, I introduced ‘Magic Babe’ Ning who performed her “Deadly Sexy Magic” one-gal show, which showcased many of the principles and techniques I lectured on. Ning was gorgeous as usual and captivated the audience with her style and unqiue spin on traditional magic acts.

md14UV Knife & Rope

md15Linking Coat Hanger

md16Being strapped up in the Straight Jacket

md17The finale of “Straight Jacket Striptease”

md18‘Magic Babe’s’ fire eating kicker to the Razor Blades from mouth

The special session concluded with the participants having a first look and choice of discounted items on sale in the product area. They only had 30min before the event was opened to the public. Ning & I later found out that as early as 3pm, people were lining up outside The Arena to register for “Magic Day”. Wow!


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2 Responses to Magic Day @ The Arena Part 1 – Special Session

  1. TimeThief says:

    Silk to egg! That’s like my fav magic piece! Simple. Nice. And everyone gets to learn how it is done. 😀 Fav piece!!

  2. cardistry2007 says:

    the lecture was really insightful and made me really think about how to improve my magic. 🙂 will there be more lectures in the future? that would really be fantastic.

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