Magic Day @ The Arena Part 4 – The People

A big part of “Magic Day” for Ning & myself was meeting all our friends/ fans/ magic aquantainces! We are so thankful for the support from so many people who came down just to meet us & watch us perform.

Thanks for coming up to us to chat, sign autographs and take photos. Throughout the day, all the way to the evening after “Ultimate Magic”, we were warmly greeted by people who were genuinely interested to meet us. We never take any of our fans for granted and will always take the time to meet them. So, if you ever see us around, please “don’t be a stranger”, as Ning likes to put it.

Here are a couple of shots of us interacting with friends and fans throughout the day.








fans8Pictured with Ning is Welles Tan, an excellent and very popular Caricature Artist (ambidextrous!) and Silhouette Cutter. He is well-known in the event industry and took the time to come down for the “Special Session”. He also did silhouette cuttings and Ning & myself on the spot. We have a picture with him on his blog along with his experiences at the event here.

fans9Popular emcee and radio personality, Joe Augustin, also attended the “Special Session” and took the time to say hi to me. Thanks for coming Joe!

fans10Adeline, myself and fellow International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 115 member, Bahar. Bahar is a successful entrepreneur and runs several video production houses. Ning & I visited his studio once and were incredibly impressed. Bahar is also a very serious magic enthusaist and always supports our projects.

fans11Members of the International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 115 came down to support the event. Ring 115 also had a booth and many people picked up application forms. I hope we get new members to the club! Pictured from left to right: John, Betsy, Ning, J C, Kenneth, Gician, Adeline, Bahar, unknown lady (to me), Benard and Aaron.

“Magic Day” was also a place for magic enthusiasts of all ages, races and gender to interact and share the art of magic. Magic is an universal art and bonds people from all walks of life. Large-scale professional magic events are rarely organized in Singapore so this was a way for Ning & myself to give back to the art that has been so good to us. It is heartening when you see different people (even complete strangers) interacting because of magic.






Of course, “Magic Day” would not have been possible without the people helping out. Ning’s close friends helped her manage the sales of her products. Asraf, Shaun and Bernard were invaluable as well. And of course, our core lean & mean team of Ade, Matt & Larry proved that we can do just about anything.

team1Ning with her friends and “Wizo”, the Magic Genie

team2Ning showed her appreciation to all the performers by presenting them with a bottle of red wine. John was up first.


team4Kinetic Gal


team6Notice I did not get anything… I’m holding an invisible bottle… I wonder what my show of appreciation will be?

On behalf of Ning, we would like to thank everyone who supported both “Magic Day” & “Ultimate Magic: Season 2”. By all accounts, the event was very well received and is more successful than we had imagined.

Thanks to all who have seeen growth and improvements of “Ultimate Magic”. So many who re-watched the show commented that it is a completely new and different experience from the first time they watched it during the sneak previews in Aug 2008.

Do check out Ning’s blog as I’m sure she will have lots to say… when she gets the time to actually blog 🙂

Till next time!


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6 Responses to Magic Day @ The Arena Part 4 – The People

  1. NewToMagic says:

    I really love the whole day. I got to meet new people who are into magic too. really cool event. there should be more events like this more often..

  2. Mugger86 says:

    Haa. The big Genie is really cute. Saw a few kids crying because of him.. Funny.. 😛 Anyway, who is inside?

  3. cardistry2007 says:

    haa. i dont think J C Sum needs a bottle of wine. he can make around 6 or more appear in his act everyday with Magic Babe Ning. i think more then enough. haa 😀

  4. Daniel says:

    it was a really great event! but there were like too many people, and i couldn’t get a good seat for ultimate magic.. 😦 i like the show very much. keep it up!

  5. Aaron says:

    haha!! i thought you’re the organiser? or are you invited? as an organiser of course you don’t get anything la.. getting an “invisible bottle” is very good already.. :p

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