Magic Day @ The Arena Part 2 – Open to the Public

At 3.30pm sharp, the doors to The Arena were opened to the public for “Magic Day @ The Arena”. The line was growing by the minute as many had turned up to attend Magic Day. We had anticipated a crowd but not this large.


md20Besides registering for “Magic Day”, tickets for “Ultimate Magic” that night were sold at a promotional price of just $20.

md21Maybe it was Ning’s presence outside The Arena that drew the crowds in…

md22Most stepped in and immediately went to the product area where discounted magic items were on sale by Magic Boutique.

md23The product area was consistently packed for most of the day.

md25The photos are red because the lighting in the Arena is red for some areas.

md24These are the DVD bargain bins where ORIGINAL DVDs went as low as just S$20.

md26Part of the assortment of magic effects and books on sale

md27“Magic Day” drew people in from all walks of life!


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2 Responses to Magic Day @ The Arena Part 2 – Open to the Public

  1. Mugger86 says:

    darn cheap! thats the only way to describe the items on sale. if I had the money, i would have bought everything there. i wonder how they were able to sell everything so cheaply?

  2. TimeThief says:

    Magic Boutique rocks. WHen will the next dealer booth be? Haa, Didnt like the red lighting of the place. was hard to read the stuff.

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