Magic Over the Radio Airwaves

Ning & I were guests on the popular “The Living Room” radio talk show on 93.8FM today. We were guests last year on 15 Jul 2008 to talk about “Ultimate Magic”. This time we talked about various special projects including our appearance at the Southern England Magic Convention, our weekly illusion segment on Five Stars Carnival on Ch 8, “Ultimate Magic: Season 2” and of course, tomorrow’s “Magic Day @ The Arena ( )

It was an hour long interview and during which, we were posed a challenge – to perform a magic effect over the radio to all the listeners AT ONE TIME.

As far we know, this has never been done in Singapore before. Several mentalists in other countries, over the years have attempted mind reading feats over the radio, but generally to a single call-in member of the public.

The challenge for us was to create something that could be performed to the masses over the radio.

Designing magic over the radio is tricky and the biggest issue is always clarity of the intended effect and whether it can be easily attempted by thousands of people at one time, over the radio.

We stand on the shoulders on giants, so my first step was to research and consult my books of Steinmeyer, Max Maven and Juan Tamariz. Based on my research, I created a straight forward and streamlined mind-reading effect that any listener could try out easily. All they required to have on hand were 3 coins.

Listeners were invited to turn the coins over on a table and randomnly put their hand over one coin. Our goal was to see if we could sense which side of the coin (heads or tails) was facing up under the hand of each listener.

We divined that out of the thousands of listeners tuning in, only 537 actually took part in the ‘experiment’. Out of which, an uncanny 532 had ‘heads’ facing up under their hands. 2 listeners would get tails and the remaining 2 were completely lost.

Based on feedback (text messages, comments and emails), it seems we were very successful.

After our radio interview, we filmed an informal video at “The Living Room” studio which will soon be posted on their blog. Check back for that short but amazing piece of visual magic!


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2 Responses to Magic Over the Radio Airwaves

  1. frankie says:

    Haha… I listened to you guys today. Great interview! How did you do that coin trick over the radio? got heads too 😀

  2. mackieshark says:

    Heard only the second half of the interview but was driving so could not try the out the mind reading over the radio. I will becoming down for Magic Day tomorrow!

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