Magic on Local TV – 5 Stars!! :-)

Wow! Ning & I got tremendous response and feedback for our first illusion slot on the new Ch8 variety show, “翱翔万里伍星夜 or Five Stars Carnival”

Many people watched it and our act was actually chosen by the producers to open the show. We chose two illusions to kick off the 5-episode series – one being our now-trademark “Crystal Metamorphosis” illusion. This is the speed of execution of our illusion now and magicians have commented how fast the “metamorphosis” is.

I just wished the panel director had listened to my advice and maintained a long short till after the curtain is dropped. This would have been a much better visual effect for the TV audience.

Stan Allen, editor of MAGIC Magazine, commented in his editorial recently how TV directors don’t understand the concept of continuity for a magic effect. They cut to close-ups at the wrong moment or to the audience. It is very true!

I did stress to the director of the importance of the type of shot needed but unfortunately, he did not heed the advise altogether for this first episode. We actually shot 3 takes of this act and this was the best. All our takes were perfect except for that the shot selection by the director which was mixed on the spot with a visual mixer broke continuity of the critical magic moments. The good news, he finally concurred, and the next four episodes will not have this visual-continuity issue.

This first episode still looked awesome and I’m glad we could showcase the high level of homegrown illusion on primetime TV!

Someone uploaded the performance to YouTube! Thanks for that 🙂

Watch it below or on YouTube here.


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14 Responses to Magic on Local TV – 5 Stars!! :-)

  1. cardistry2007 says:

    Thats quite true. I didnt really like the part where the magical moment happens and you appear at the top of the and the cameras zoomed on you. Didnt get to see what is happening below to Magic Babe Ning. They should have instead just zoomed out lor. :S

  2. Khai85 says:

    that was great! will the next few episodes have illusions that are as fantastic and maybe longer?

  3. ZY90 says:

    4 more episodes of 5 Stars Carnival with Magic. 😀 I just wished that the magic portion was abit longer. :S That would have been great!

  4. Aaron says:

    yea yea.. it’s like when i want to see the moment when you do magic, they suddenly show someone’s face.. sometimes in soccer also.. i really wonder why they can’t stop zooming in.

  5. Will says:

    i was a bit disappointed that there were only 2.. but both illusions were great, and it’s a great start to any carnival. great job!

  6. Jack says:

    yea, it was disappointing.. i thought the whole episode was going to be your magic show or something.. don’t be mistaken though.. the illusions were great!

  7. Daniel says:

    i can’t agree more that directors always cut up to close up shots at the wrong time. watching all these magic shows on tv is never as nice as watching it live. i guess it’s really hard to get things to work your own way all the time..

  8. Khairul says:

    that was a nice performance! i didn’t manage to watch it on tv, but luckily it’s available on youtube.. i thought the whole show was going to be your magic show though.

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  10. Mackieshark says:

    Very impressive and amazing illusion acts! Can’t wait for the next episode 🙂

  11. michael73 says:

    Well done! Singapore is proud of both of you

  12. ilovemagic says:

    I love your Crystal Metamorphosis!!! This is the best performance of it I have seen so far!

  13. superkofi says:

    Fast paced and tight performance – very good! Will look out for the rest of the performances!

  14. magicofstan says:

    Remember me? I bought your urban illusions book. I am building crystal metamorphosis and then seven by half. Will send you pics when I finish building them. Awesome stuff!

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