Making a Splash @ SA Tours Travel Fair

 Ning, Larry & I spent part of our Sunday afternoon at the SA Tours Grand Mega Sale travel fair where we made two special appearances on stage as well as mingled with visitors. We drew a huge crowd of 300 people when we took the stage. It was fun and the mainly heartlander crowd loved us.

We presented in both Mandarin and English and connected well with the audience and took the opportunity to sell the promotions at the travel fair as well as the “Ultimate Magic” show. Arena had a booth at the fair and people lined up to get tickets for “Ultimate Magic” after our appearances.

Ning & I enjoying doing these special appearances because it gives us a chance to meet and connect with some of our fans. It is surprising that so many people recognize from watching the trailers for “Five Stars Carnival” on Ch 8. We are also always very well taken care of by the organizers and mingled with the celebrity hosts and radio DJs backstage.

A few people also approached us to find out about ‘Magic Day @ The Arena’  ( happening next Sat on 28 Feb 2009.

Check out photos below:










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7 Responses to Making a Splash @ SA Tours Travel Fair

  1. cardistry2007 says:

    it was nice watching the show! atleast I didnt have to wait for my parents to look around for offers to travel overseas. 😀 And I’ve got to say that the 5 Star Carnival segment was not bad. only thing was it was too short!!!! 😦 like 5mins or so..

  2. Whodunnit says:

    Oh ya.. This Sunday is magic day. 😀 Looking forward to the many free segments and the discounted magic dvds! And congrats on the 5 Star Carnival. It was great!

  3. TimeThief says:

    That looks like a great show man. A lot of audience. 😀 Did you guys went around looking at the Travel Tours too? You guys should take a break and travel somewhere man.

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  5. Will says:

    just nice went to the fair, and saw your performance. it was great! i liked the way you link up all your illusions..

  6. michael73 says:

    As you can see by the photos, you guys put up a great show. Even though I did not go, my friend messaged me to say you were performing at Suntec. Congrats again!

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