The Miser’s Dream Coin Pail Comparison Video

Warning: This is another magician-only post so ‘muggles’ may not understand a word I’m writing.

For some time, I wanted to do a video comparing the various Miser’s Dream coin pails (ungimmcked) on the market. No one in the world (as far as I know in the last 30 years) has done a video like this before.

This was supposed to be filmed some time ago but we never had the time. We finally scheduled in the time and filmed this backstage at The Arena before our daily “Ultimate Magic” show. This is not a professionally taken video but it serves its purpose to showcase a variety of coin pails that are available from non-magic and magic vendors. The top of that list is “The Perfect Coin Pail” which is available from my online store at

The video shows a very objective comparison between the coin pails and as Ning stated – we show, not just tell. Watch the video below or on YouTube here.

I’m currently also running a promotion till 31 Mar for “The Perfect Coin Pail”. Purchase it now and it will be shipped FREE to anywhere in the world!

“The Perfect Coin Pail” as well as two of my books will soon be reviewed at “The Magic Review” website, a very critiical and objective magic review site that is growing in popularity. Check it out here:


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5 Responses to The Miser’s Dream Coin Pail Comparison Video

  1. cardistry2007 says:

    OOO. That looks great man. Describing the various coin pails available. Making me tempted to learn Miser’s Dream but i’m bad at coins! 😦 I only practice cards.

  2. Whodunnit says:

    Wonderful promo you are having. Maybe should have your notes or DVD on performing Miser’s Dream together with the Perfect Coin Pail? that would be a awesome promo combo.

  3. TimeThief says:

    The pail looks nice. can it be used for something else other than Miser’s Dream? Is there any other magic effects that can be done using it?

  4. Aaron says:

    wow, what a detailed analysis.. i don’t think many people think that deep into a simple part of the illusion.. or maybe it’s just that i am not aware..

  5. Will says:

    wow, i didn’t think of the difference in sounds at all! seems like i have much to learn.. you’re so talented that i’m envious man..

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