Lecture at Magic Day @ The Arena, 28 Feb 2009, Sat

‘Magic Day @ The Arena’ is round the corner! We have been receiving feedback on the buzz that Magic Day has been creating 🙂 Half the participant who have paid for the ticketed portion of Magic Day are coming down from Malaysia – so thanks to you guys:-)

The ticketed portion of Magic Day is a “Special Session with ‘Magic Babe’ Ning & myself”. This special session comprises of my lecture, a Q & A with Ning & myself as well as Ning’s One Gal Show.


My lecture is not for the absolute begineer and will benefit experienced magicians looking to advance their craft and performance ability.

To help you decide if the lecture is for you, here is a breakdown of the program of my lecture on 28 Feb 2009, Sat at 1.30pm.

The overall theme is “Urban Classic Magic” where I will share my routines, advice, experience and knowledge on presenting classics of magic so that they will appeal to current audiences, young and old.

I will share a collection of close-up, parlour and stage routines.

Rope Magic

I will present my new urban version of a Ring & Rope routine that does not use a traditional ring or rope and is perfect for contemporary audiences. Through this original routine, I will be sharing my rope handling based off work by David Williamson, George Sands and Daryl.

Many of the moves also form the basis of my Knife & Rope routine that Ning performs a modern version of in her “Deadly Sexy Magic” One Gal Show (which will also be showcased at the ticketed portion of Magic Day).

Psychological Aces

A simple but very effective audience participative Ace assembly. This is NOT the popular-type of “Dream of Aces”/ “Grandpa Aces” routine but is a straight forward routine that shows the devastating impact of sleight of hand coupled with psychological misdirection.

Miser’s Dream

A hit of “Ultimate Magic” and one of my most popular lecture items. I bring a couple of new techniques into the classic Miser’s Dream, most notably how the routine starts, which is the most important, in my opinion.

I will also share my collection of coin pails and show which one is hands-down the best one on the market to use.

Cups & Balls

My two-cup/ two-ball routine was featured in the Concept:Magic Micro Convention in Jan 2007, more than 2 years ago. This was the routined used extensively every week when I was doing close-up exclusively from 1995 – 1998, performing a corporate events as well as being the resident magician or Shangri-la Hotel, Four Seasons, Hilton, Lion City Hotel and Tony Romas restaurant.

Building a Show

I will also be lecturing on performance skills and techniques as well as elements of stage craft which are outlined in my lecture notes. One of the main chapters in my lecture notes is building a show, as opposed to a short manipulation act. The lecture notes will benefit anyone looking to put together a professional level show, regardless of whether you are doing magic for fun, semi professionally or for charity.

At Magic Day, my lecture notes will be available at ONLY $20.

Q & A

Ning & I will also be conducting a Q & A to answer any questions you have with regards to magic and performing professionally. This is your chance to hear answers from the source if you have any questions that you have been dying to ask.


If you have not booked your seat yet for the ticketed portion that includes this lecture and Ning’s performance, you can do so at Magic Boutique, Singapore’s No. 1 Online Magic Shop serving South East Asia. Magic Day tickets

Tickets to “Ultimate Magic: Season 2” will also be available at a mere S$20 (to be bought on the spot at Magic Day). So, plan this a full day of magic & fun. This very first free public magic event in Singapore this year!


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5 Responses to Lecture at Magic Day @ The Arena, 28 Feb 2009, Sat

  1. Whodunni says:

    That looks like an impressive line up. Will try not to miss this event and hopefully I’m not working overtime that day.

  2. cardistry2007 says:

    Psychological Aces? sounds like card magic + mentalism combined together. im looking forward to see and learn that.. looks like a good place to learn other styles of magic besides cards too… miser dream sounds nice to learn..

  3. Mugger86 says:

    will there be beginner lessons? i want to learn some magic but ur lecture seems to be for those who already know magic.. maybe can have a course for begginers..

  4. Aaron says:

    oh wow, just $20 for ulitimate magic? plus a free drink? that’s way too cool man..

  5. Jack says:

    oh, i thought the ticketed part was for reporters or something.. so instead, reporters are not alloweD? i’m quite interested after seeing what the ticketed section features. count me in!

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