Rest Day to Recharge and Plan

Someone emailed us to comment what a crazy schedule we have. She had been keeping up with our blogs and exclaimed that we had done so much in just one week upon returning from the UK. It’s true! 😛

We have done 3 corporate shows, a magazine launch cum special appearance at NTU, filming of TV content and our daily “Ultimate Magic” shows in just the past ONE week. Today, is really our first rest day since then. Unfortunately, we cannot rest on our laurels as there is a ton of discussion and planning to be made because of several important projects lined up.

We work an average of 3 – 6 months ahead of time, so whatever we are planning now, is for the near future. Whatever we do now has been planned months earlier.

It is a timely break as there is no “Ultimate Magic” show today as the Arena is booked for a private event. So, today, we will really be working from the studio as a team to work on 3 upcoming projects.

I’ve made a conscious decision not to build any more new illusion for our regular shows this year. Our current repertoire is already a faily impressive 15 full-scale grand illusion presentations. We have two separate sets of illusions for “Ultimate Magic” as well as corporate shows, so we are in good shape to take on almost any project worldwide. We will, however, be fabricating new mega illusions if needed for special projects. From the business side of things, we have 3 plans to draw up and subsequently execute. It will be a monumental task but a tremendous learning experience. Suceed or fail, we will be richer in experience and knowledge which will only make us stronger. So, personally, to me, we win either way.

We will also have a Concept:Magic gathering of sorts in the eveNING. So, that is gonna be fun!

It has been a very tough few months. Finishing my books, planning for the whole 2009 year and executing all our projects have been taxing. But, this week has been the best week for a long time. I appreciate it, do not take it for granted and accept it with no expectation. Thanks.


About J C Sum

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4 Responses to Rest Day to Recharge and Plan

  1. ZY90 says:

    you guys have a lot of work lined up. sounds fun! maybe you should put up a calender of events up so that people can know when there are public shows or stuff that people can watch? 😀 just an idea.

  2. Sornal says:

    3 upcoming projects? any hints?

  3. Jack says:

    wow, i’d love to have a boss like you.. i agree that success or fail, it’s a learning experience, but my boss doesn’t agree. apparently he thinks that success is the only way.. haha..

  4. Daniel says:

    hey man, i think that it’s better not to fail.. afterall, there are certain things you definitely cannot fail. for example the impalement cage..

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