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Response for my new book “Urban Illusions” has been tremendous! Thank you for your support. Based on feedback, “Crystal Metamorphosis”, “Revollusion” and “Wind Passage” are the most popular illusions from this book.

As a thank you, I have decided to run a promotion for my online store for illusion books. From now till 15 Mar 2009, all orders will be shipped FREE , regardless of the size of your order or country. You can save up to US$46 on shipping.

All you have to do is type the coupon code PROMO into the coupon code box upon checkout and shipping for your order will be free.

This will be apply to ALL BOOKS and the PERFECT COIN PAIL, not illusions.


As a guide, here is a breakdown of what each book offers and why each book appeals to specific magicians:

Illusionary Departures

My first book with the most number of illusions, over 20 illusions; so in a sense has most value for money. The most popular illusions are “Visual Displacement”, “Branded”, “Walk Through a Winery” and “Crystal Striptease”. The new edition also includes my work on Bases, which has proven to be very popular as well.


Most people buy this book for the two motorcycle and car appearances.  Any of those illusions are worth the price of the book if you get to use it for a commerical show.

Urban Illusions

My latest book features the most cutting edge and modern illusions for the contemporary professional performer. As mentioned above, “Crystal Metamorphosis”, “Revollusion” and “Wind Passage” are the most popular illusions from this book. Although, my discussion on “The Impossible Teleportation” mega illusion has also received positive feedback.

The Event Illusionist

This is a critically acclaimed book that will serve anyone who is interested to produce and market an illusion show for the event industry. This book caters to a very niche audience but all who have bought it, swear by it. If you intend to do commerical illusion shows, I actually reveal my techniques and business methods developed over 15 years of professional experience.

All orders can be made at


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3 Responses to Free Shipping Worldwide Promotion for

  1. Aaron says:

    wow! what a great promotion! too bad i’m not a magician and cannot buy your book. will you consider selling books teaching beginners?

  2. Niacigam says:

    Nice. Free shipping for the books. I should get some before the promo ends. Can I get free shipping for the illusion props too eg. crystal striptease? 😛

  3. cardistry2007 says:

    hmmm.. maybe i should buy a book and see if i’ll get interested in stage magic. should i? promo.. tempting… but Im only doing card magic. arggg… will just buy it. 😀 yeah!

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