Creating a Buzz in NTU and On the Cover of Art Jam

We made a special appearance NTU for the launch of Art Jam, which we are on the cover on, and over 200 people came out to watch us. Check out our feature in Art Jam below:


It was awesome as we got to present some magic and an illusion to the appreciative crowd. We also promoted ‘Magic Day @ The Arena’ and gave out free VCDs and magazines. We expect a lot to now turn up at ‘Magic Day’ and hope to fuel the interest of local magic among this young batch of Singaporeans.

University crowds can be notoriously difficult but the mini show went extremely well and we spent a good 30 minutes talking to people and taking photographs before we had to be whisked away back to the studio for a quick lunch and rehearsals.

ntu1Ning & I taking the stage and having fun!

ntu2We drew over 200 people to watch our mini-show

ntu3The crowd enthusiastic as Ning went into the audience to examine her favourite piece of clothing.

ntu4Me have a great time and view strapping Ning up!

ntu5In the crowd for the audience favourite – Miser’s Dream

ntu7Preparing for our finale illusion!

ntu8Finale Pose!

ntu11New friends taking photos with us and getting autographs.





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5 Responses to Creating a Buzz in NTU and On the Cover of Art Jam

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  2. Aaron says:

    ooh wow, looks really nice.. can you go again next year? cos next year then i’ll be in ntu.. :p

  3. Will says:

    oh, so it’s for the arts jam thing.. i thought for no particular reason you all go to ntu and perform.. those ntu students are so lucky man.. free magic show..

  4. Khai85 says:

    Free magic man!! Should have advertised it so that more people (like me) can go watch. Not often you get to see Magic Babe Ning and JC Sum perform and you dont need to pay even! 😀 Envious of those students.

  5. Jack says:

    lucky dudes at ntu.. why don’t you guys perform during art festival this year? then i’ll have magic to watch in addition to all the concerts and other cool stuff.

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