The Road Ahead…

The skeletal structure of how our year of work is being laid out is now becoming a bit more clear. We are into the 2nd week of Feb 2009 but have a number of key milestone projects planned out throughout the year till Jan 2010. We hope to seal the deals for something significant to happen in May 09, Aug 09 and Jan 2010.

Even with the current economic climate and near future uincertainty, I’m glad our team is pulling through well. Our early planning, adapting and quick execution has laid some favourable roads ahead of us which will allow us to ride out this ‘storm’.

As you have read in previous entries, this month is quite a busy one. And busy is always good. You might have read in Ning’s blog about the couple of corporate shows we did. Lucky gal, got a red packet on top of her professional fee. I wonder if her manager is supposed to get 15% of that….

On Mon, we make a special appearance at NTU as part of the launch of Art Jam which we are on the cover on. I read a preview of the magazine and it ran a great story/ interview with a slick photo layout. After thar, it will be back to the studio for rehearsals for our TV taping, which takes place on Tues.

A couple more corporate shows throughout the month, on top of “Ultimate Magic” will keep us busy performance-wise. Then, the next ‘big’ project will be ‘Magic Day @ The Arena’ happening real soon on 28 Feb 2008! This is the first such mainly-free to the public magic event where you can watch free performances, learn magic and buy heavily discounted magic products. Read more about it here.

There is a ticketed component that features my lecture and Ning’s performance. Seats are limited so you should buy your tickets here:‘magic-babeÂ’-ning-28th-limited-seats-p-12266.html

Currently, we are taking it month by month; or in some cases, day by day. The months ahead might be uncertain but I”m still resolute, unwaviering and taking action every day. B L C.



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3 Responses to The Road Ahead…

  1. Jack says:

    ooh man, i don’t really know if i wanna join the special session.. cos afterall i want to see magic and illusions rather than interviews. will there be magic during the special session?

  2. Khai85 says:

    Yeah! Time to learn some magic from Magic Babe Ning and JC Sum. Wonder if I can get as good or famous as them?

  3. YugiBoy says:

    Magic DAY!!! Feb 28. I wanna come and watch magic shows! There is even a session where I can get to learn magic. Woott!!

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