Magic Babe & J C Sum to be at NTU on 9 Feb 2009, Mon

Ning & I are on the cover of the new issue of Arts Jam which is published by the Nayang Technological University (NTU). To launch the issue, we will be making a special appearance at at NTU at Canteen A on 9 Feb 2009, Mon at 1230pm.

If you are in NTU that day, drop by! We will be doing a ‘meet & greet’, performing some stage magic and giving away magazines and VCDs.

Cya there!


About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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4 Responses to Magic Babe & J C Sum to be at NTU on 9 Feb 2009, Mon

  1. Will says:

    can anyone pop into ntu just like that? if it’s possible, i’ll go! i wanna get some free magazines and cds.. and also see your magic from point blank.. 😀

  2. Aaron says:

    i’d really love to go, but i have work on that day.. will you guys be recording it or something? so then people like me can see it online..

  3. Khai85 says:

    Darn. Didn’t know about this earlier. Should have read your blog everyday to get the latest. :S Otherwise I would have been there.

  4. Mugger86 says:

    Arggh. I was nearby Canteen A but I had to study! 😦 come again please. I wasnt there.

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