BIDvest Conference Opening Illusion Act

The team got up ‘dark’ and early today to head to the studio at 4am to load up our gear and move to Shangri-la Hotel. We had been booked to conceptualize and present a high impact illusion sequence to ‘wow’ the crowd and energize them for the morning’s conference. This was for BIDvest, a multi-national corporation from South Africa who was doing an international conference in Singapore for 500 participants from all over the world. The brief was specific – an original high impact ‘wow’ kickoff that will leave the audience breathless. So, we got the call to produce an illusion act that would fulfill this client brief.

I designed a non-stop (no-talking) 8.5min illusion act that served several objectives:

1) Blow the audience away

2) Showcase both Ning & my performance characters/ styles even though we did not speak during the performance 

3) Allow for a smooth movement and transistions between large illusions

4) End with a bang to introduce the client’s CEO

We pulled off a multi-illusion sequence that captivated the audience and made the client VERY happy. Illusions & acts seamlessly incorporated into the performance included a fire act, Ning’s magical appearance in a crystal see-through box, samurai sword & rope, Light & Space illusion with the surprise magical appearance of the client’s logo, UV magic and the CEO’s magical appearance on a motorcycle!

We don’t have photos of the show proper but here are some shots of the set-up at 5am.



After this project, the team packed down and loaded back to the studio. Later in the evening, we presented “Ultimate Magic” to about 60 people, mostly Japanese tourists. The Concept:Magic team did a fantastic job today… and every day! Not many magic teams in this part of the world can produce and stage two completley different large scale illusion performances in two different locations on the same day, while preserving a high professional performance standard.

The value we brought to this project was not just spectacular 8.5min that was staged but our turnkey project management of the entire performance; from conceptualizing, choreography, lighting & music design to logistic management of all our gear with the stage sets.


About J C Sum

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2 Responses to BIDvest Conference Opening Illusion Act

  1. Will says:

    wow, what a rich company.. it probably cost extra to hire you guys extra early right? if only i were working for such a rich company..

  2. Sornal says:

    wah! 4 in the morning. so early sia. you all are really into magic.

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