Southern England Magic Convention Part 2

After the day of lectures and browsing of the magic dealer booths, Ning & I went to prepare for her performance for the Gala Show. Ning was the headlining performer of the entire show. If you did not know by now, she is the first Singapore Magician in history to headline an overseas magic convention.

She was booked a year ago for her One Gal Show to be featured in the convention and as she needed someone to carry her luggage, I was invited to give a lecture. We did later find out that a handful of people were disappointed because they assumed we were presenting our full illusion show… but this was never the case… at least, not for this year.

Before our performances, Ning & I watched the rest of the acts take the stage. They included Mike Danata, James More, El Loco, Mel Mellers, Magic Singh and Collin Richardson.

Some acts were very good but not all acts were great and the production of the overall show could have been much tighter. One of the biggest issues was that some performers over-ran their time. As a result, the show which was supposed to end at 10pm, ended at 1115pm. Ning & I only took the stage at about 1050pm and the audience must have been tired out by then… we were.

I opened for Ning by performing a single act – my rendition of the Miser’s Dream. I subsequently introduced Ning and she exploded onstage. She presented her “Deadly Sexy Magic” act to perfection! The crowd loved her and have obviously never seen a ‘Magic Babe’-type character on stage in a magic show before. A strong well-spoken female but also a complete babe and that oozes sex appeal. Her personality and strong visually appealing acts won the crowd over and got her a great ovation.

After the show, we met with many people who took photographs and spoke to us. Many have even emailed and Facebooked us since then. We also took time to film a backstage interview for the SEMC DVD.


semchBackstage interviews

semciWith Steve, the excellent and steady stage manager for the gala show

Our personal thoughts on the organizing of the convention:

Convention organizers, Collin and Geoff have really done a fantastic and admirable job in putting this convention together. The number of challenges they faced have been nothing short of staggering but the success of this inaugural convention has showed that the SEMC has tremendous potential to be one of the very top conventions to attend in the UK in a very short time to come. Sure, there are lots of room for improvements but for a FIRST convention, it has been a great success!

They have a great dedicated and more importantly, honest and ethical, team working with them ho really have a passion for wanting a great convention for the UK.


I have been to several magic conventions over the years and have seen numerous reports and videos since 1993 and one of the things that the SEMC has going for it is a fabulous intergrated entertainment complex that includes hotels, free parking, restaurants, venues for lectures/ dealers halls and a beautiful showroom. Lakeside is just a 20min drive from Heathrow airport and is accessibile by train/ cab. Everything is in one compound and the convention activities itself are held under one roof.

Magic convention goers know that besides the convention fees, a siginifcant amount of money goes to transport, accomodation and most importantly time to travel. A very reasonable ticket price and a great venue with excellent location makes SEMC attractive. Of course, if you get to see ‘Magic Babe’ Ning in person, then that makes it well worth it too 🙂 (ok… she paid me to say that)

Ning & I had an incredible time. Congrats to SEMC for a job well done.

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3 Responses to Southern England Magic Convention Part 2

  1. Aaron says:

    hhey i stay near lakesid! haha.. although it’s lakeside, it’s a few thousand miles away from that in england, and i guess the scenery is way far off too. oh well, luckily i don’t really bother much about scenery.. haha..

  2. Will says:

    haha.. you sound as though you were there solely to help ning carry her luggage. i can’t believe you guys went over and only performed half an hour! but i guess what matters is meeting so many other peopl and learning from them..

  3. Khai85 says:

    Looks like alot of people presume that your doing your full act. Ask them to fly to Singapore to catch your Ultimate Magic!! 😀 Haa.. Anyway that sounds like a wonderful convention man. I want to go too..

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