“Urban Illusions” Book to be Launched today at the Southern England Magic Convention

Today is the much anticipated inaugural Southern England Magic Convention! We have been in England for almost a week now and the convention has been more than a year in the making.

At my lecture later today, I will be launching my latest illusion book “Urban Illusions”. It details 11 original illusions including my “The Impossible Teleportation” mega illusion where I divulge the methods to accomplishing that particular illusion.

I suspect the two most popular illusions in the book will be “Revollusion” and “Wind Passage”. Both are illusions featuring giant industrial fans. Although the physical fans may seem similar, the actual effects, presentations and secret methods are completely different. So, either illusion will satisfy an illusionist looking to add such an illusion into their show.

ui1Wind Passage

 ui2Revollusion, as featured daily in “Ultimate Magic”

Besides the ‘big’ illusions that are shared in the book, it also contains several other practical and unique illusions. One such illusion is “Slicing Through”, where the illusionist walks through two rows of broken glass bottles.

ui3Slicing Through

This book is not for the novice magician but has already garnered loads of interest from semi-pro and professional magicians worldwide. I chose SEMC as a platform to launch the book and currently SEMC organizer, Collin Richardson, has the very first copy in his hands. You can order the book at www.illusionbooks.com/urban_illusions.html


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