Taking a break and taking in the sights of London

Amidst preparations for our show & lecture on Sat, Ning & I had the luxury to spend a day in London. No work… just play 🙂 We had a great time, walked most of the way between taking the train and underground tube. We started at the London Eye… or for the ‘uneducated’… erm… we teleported the Singapore Flyer over to the River Thames for a while. As you can see, we so did the tourist-y thing of snapping shots of all the icons as we went along. Ning will have more fun photos on her blog… when she gets to doing it.


After the Eye, we walked over to Charing Cross to Davenports, an established magic shop that has been around for years. I was bent on visiting it because I have never been to it although I own quite a number of their beautiful hand-crafted wood props. In fact, one of my very first stage props (and most expensive props) was bought by my parents from Davenports almost 17 years ago. It was a “Sliding Die Box” which still sits in my studio today and I used it in all my shows in the early years.


Here’s an interesting note regarding a Davenport-Singapore connction: A Singapore magician, the late Great Wong had developed a 6-ring linking routine that was renown in the magic community during the 60s – 80s. A manuscript featuring a very young Roy Davenport taught the Great Wong routine. Years ago, I learnt the routine from the very same manuscript from Davenports.

After Davenports, we headed over to Covent Garden for lunch and then to Trafalgar Square and straight on to Buckingham Palace.


Our final stop was the amazing Harrods departmental store where we spent a good two hours browsing the 5 floors of goods. BTW, yes, that is an “Ultimate Magic” souveneir cap that I am wearing in many of the photos. I’ve got to promote the show even if we are not in town!


Before the shopping escapade, we stopped at Starbucks for a drink and rest. It was here that Ning asked me take a video of a magic effect she had just created on the spot. Check out the short 30-second video below:

The sudden shake of the camera was me falling off my chair. The people around us raised more than a few eyebrows when she pulled off this magic stunt. They were stunned! Maybe it is her unassuming sexiness that just misdirects you… nevertheless, it is a great little piece of impromptu magic with an ingenious method. No special gimmicks, no wires, no magnets or forklifts. Hey, I bought that drink and brought it to the table. It fooled me…

Finally, at Covent Garden, we saw something that made us go OMG! and just had to grab it. It is a limited hand painted special collectible from the ‘Bad Taste Bear’ series of figurines. But, this was the only one they had. It is very unique and special indeed, one of a kind. Doesn’t it remind you of The Pendragons’ “Interlude” illusion?



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One Response to Taking a break and taking in the sights of London

  1. Ade says:

    You all sure look like you are having a good break. =) That’s awesome. The second picture reminds me of just the split second before you strike the pose for Crystal Metamorphosis! Hahaha!!!

    Show us more impromptu magic there!

    *PS. Ning is so very cute wearing the beanie! =p

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